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By wyeth


Yikes……………… I made the trip to the local garden centre yesterday, I’d only put it off a day or two just so’s I could go in the week and save myself some hassle from the crowds ……………… HUGE MISTAKE.
Pitched up a bit excited like!! …………. There was barely anything left – the whole place was bereft of “plugs” The few trays I found were looking decidedly second-hand and were “flippin” expensive.

I was so non-plussed by it that I ended up coming away with just a couple of trays of “fillers” [£8 for 12 plugs] and a sorry looking tray of mixed “BusyLizzies” for £6.
I had a word with a couple of the “Girls” [They’d gotten to know myself and the fragrant other] and it would appear that because of the good weather they’d been descended upon by “Weekend” gardeners [No offence intended – their words] who’d literally "harvested their entire stock. The Foremiss of the bedding section had ran herself ragged trying to warn all the customers that it was too early to place this bedding outside yet – and prophetic advice too as we had a snap frost last week.

So that was it – I’ve had to come home and re-group, where am I going to get all the bedding I need to fill my pots and baskets………. looks like I’m going to have to lurk around the Supermarket entrances and hide my face whilst doing so!! – Oh the Horror!!

They have plenty of larger plants alright but I’d need a second mortgage to fill all that I did last year – I know that I’d over compensated being the first year as “Head Gardener” but never-the-less?

Just what’s a boy to do?

{Whitter over – Peace out!]

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I'm still smiling, your attitude is very refreshing! Have you considered Thompson & Morgan, Fothergills and other places like that for your bedding plants? They have them in all sizes and depending on what you're looking for, they could be cheaper than the garden centres! Can't hurt to have a little browse! Hope you have lots of happy days as "Head Gardener"!

11 May, 2011


Ah all these amateurs (me included probably) were all lured in by the ever increasing presence of tearooms/coffeeshops adjoining the GCs!!
I find these hike up the prices so now I go to plain old nurseries these days - 'Sunday Gardeners' don't usually go to them if there's no fine cakes!!! .... and they're cheaper :)

11 May, 2011


the places like 'suttons' & t&m are having sales-- have you looked at 'wilkinsons' 'aldi' or b&q--- or even tesco.....

11 May, 2011


We have a wonderful garden centre near Glasgow which is chiefly used by the trade, but a few keen amateurs like myself know about it. It is huge and wonderful for trees. It is a great day out and has every plant you can imagine. I have to add the plants are cheaper than B&Q and larger.
Perhaps there is a similar place for you in your area.

11 May, 2011


great blog!
lots of garden centres over this way!!

11 May, 2011


Aldi have their plant days,Sunday and Thursday..Morrison's have some great prices for all plants...nothing wrong with going to a Supermarket for bedding plants,Wyeth..lots of us do it,so join the club ! :o)

11 May, 2011


Old fashioned nurseries are great for bedding plants, Wyeth, tell them your predicament and they might even have some 'slightly injured' ones they could let you have for even less...if you smile nicely...or is that just me...

The lovely Bloomer's right too, you'd be surprised how many nice plants you can find in a supermarket! Oh, there's a point, do you have a streetmarket day, you know the sort with fruit and veg barrows, there's usually a plant seller there too, and, then you could have all the joy of trying a bit of haggling, maybe grab a bargain?

11 May, 2011


The two Fuchsia's I bought from Morrisons ,earlier in the year,have turned into six now..I took cuttings as soon as I got them home,..not bad for £1.29p each!
I agree with Libet too,street markets are very good value ,hope you find some bargains,Wyeth..they are out there,just waiting for you .Lol

12 May, 2011


I got all my bedding plants from the local hardwear shop lol. They always have good quality plants and look after them well.
Also I had some in the open air market in a nearby town . They always have lots of good plants there too.

I hope you get some plants. But they have gone up in price I noticed. Good luck !

12 May, 2011


yes markets are very good-- the one I go to has a local nursery who have an excellent range of seasonal plants-- its just carrying them.....

Everything seems to have gone up Hywel.....

12 May, 2011


We seem to be the best bargain hunters then..before the mass descend on them..:o) I suppose they know they will have no problem selling them now..

12 May, 2011

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