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New for 2012.......Belamcanda chinensis(leopard lily)-Buddleja(colour mix)-Camassia(cusickii)-Canna(picasso)-Cosmos(chocolate)-Calla(purple sensation)-Cisanthe(twinky pinky)-Centaurea montana(black sprite)-Cynara cardunculus(garden beauty)-Dhalia(cactus claire obscure,gerry hoek,tahoma star)-Eremurus(foxtail lily)-Eryngium(pinapple lily)-Geum(lady stratheden)-Hibiscus(syriacus)Bluebird-Hedychium(garderianum)Habenaria radiata(white egret)-Knautia mac(red knight)-Lobelia(siphilitica blue)-Liatris(spicata/alba)-Mecanopsis(again)-Malva(magic hollyhock/zebrina)-Morning glory Ipomoea(purple haze/heavenly blue/crimson rambler)-Nemesia(masqerade)-Oxalis(burgundy wine)-Penstemon(jingle bells)-Papaver laciniatum(pink bicolor)-Sedum(autumn joy)-Silene lacinata(jack flash)-Tiger flowers-Tuberosa(the pearl)-Teasel-Verbascum(olympicum/primrose path/clementine) thats pretty much it EXCEPT....Ocourse theres some i may have forgotten and some i may well be asking heres to good growing.

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  • Pimpinella Rosea
  • DSCF1366
  • Muscari cosmosum plumosum.
  • Aquilegia

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