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Fencing going in....yeah!!


We’ve finally started to see things taking shape in our back garden. The fencing firm started work this morning and they reckon it will be finished by mid-day tomorrow. :) It’s looking so good already….great improvement!

Before the fence got started….

Opposite side and middle of the back garden (this morning before fencing begun)…

Fencing panels ready for installation…

Next…the panels going up :)…

The asbestos** (more about this at the end of my blog)
and the skip of rubble…

Our poor apple tree (we cut it back severely a couple of weeks ago as it had been in the ground for at least 20 yrs. and never been pruned…so we don’t know if we’ll have killed it or helped it….so the decision is…do we keep it when landscaping or get rid?? hmmmm…)

And…my violas filling the pots very nicely :)…

  • Now, about this asbestos…

The fencing people also do landscaping and have given us a price to lift the old flags and reposition, topsoil & turf (or pebbles if we decide on no grass) and cut outs for borders.
They recommend digging a hole 4 feet deep, burying the asbestos and putting a concrete slab on top of it and then adding the topsoil (about 4") and then turf. They say they have done this many times before and it is safe. Any comments on this? Their method or dispose of at the special council tip ourselves??

So…..we’re on our way. More photos tomorrow on completion. I feel so much better seeing the work beginning :).

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comming on really well Wlass, its nice to see things getting going after a long wait isnt it, we had some asbestos but baz took it away himself, but im sure you can ring council for it to be taken away, better gone for good i say, awfull stuff,

20 Oct, 2010


I can feel your excitement W.lass and don`t blame you I`d be the same, its going to look completely different in a couple of days, (weather permitting of course), then you`ll be itching to get stuck in.
Come next spring you`ll be a happy bunny when you have flowers and shrubs in bloom.......

Its obviously your choice but be careful as regards the asbestos, I think by law you are supposed to let your council deal with it , I could be wrong of course but better safe than sorry.....

20 Oct, 2010


W'lass, try Googling ' can Asbestos be safely buried in a garden ? ' and you'll read various comments. Some say it's only hazardous when the particles are disturbed, forming a dust cloud, others suggest a Council should safely remove it. I'd go with the latter option if it were me. Your garden fence panels are lovely with the curved tops, lots of planning to put into place soon. Keep us posted with the make-over.

20 Oct, 2010


you must be really glad to get your garden underway now WL,cant wait to see your progress with it..once the fencing is done it will spur you on ..better warn your local Garden Centre lol..regarding the asbestos i think i would want it out of my garden..not in the soil...

20 Oct, 2010


Me too Joanella, notify the council and let them move it for you.

20 Oct, 2010


The Council will not remove the asbestos but they do have an appointment system where you can take the asbestos waste, providing it is properly double wrapped and sealed.

I really do favour getting rid of it altogether...there are 6 sheets I seem to remember but I haven't touched them so don't know how heavy they are to handle. I'll have to re-read the instructions on our local authority website.

Thanks for all your kind comments....I expect I'll do another blog tomorrow to show (hopefully) the finished fencing.

20 Oct, 2010


they are quite heavy Wlass but carefull as they do snap easy if rotting ;o(

20 Oct, 2010


Thanks San....we will be careful.

20 Oct, 2010


I can just sense how excited you are WL your fencing will look great when its finished and you start puting in your plants, looking forward to seeing more pictures as it develops.
Hope you manage to get rid of the Asbestos sheets safely ;0)

20 Oct, 2010


Love the fencing Whistonlass. You're on your way now.
If you do remove the asbestos, do remember and wear a mask. If the dust becomes airborne you mustn't breath it in. Be careful!!!

20 Oct, 2010


I think there are different types of asbestos. Some are apparently not so dangerous.

I like your fences - very nice and different to the ordinary ones :o)

20 Oct, 2010


Yes, Hywel...I've heard there are different types as well. I stuck to my guns and wouldn't budge...that's how we got this particular fencing :) It wasn't much more expensive per panel than a flat edge (£8 per panel extra) and I do like the effect. Our gate will be rounded at the top as's going in tomorrow along with the remaining panel(s).

Glad you like them.

20 Oct, 2010


It's going to look great when done :o) I hope you'll show us some pics :o)

20 Oct, 2010


Just try and stop me, Yes, photos will follow. If we go ahead with the landscaping part of the job (fingers crossed!) that work won't commence until the second week in December so quite a time to wait...but it will be worth it.

I'll take some more photos when the fence and gate are completed tomorrow.

20 Oct, 2010


Corrrrrrrr! The fencing really looks Great, so pleased for you that it has been erected now, I would definitely let the right people get rid of the abestos, better safe than sorry. :o)
Bet you can't wait for December now lol.

21 Oct, 2010


We're still in the 'discussion' mode (hubby and I) but I have a hunch we'll have it done, LadyE.

I'm up earlyish for me due to the fencing contractors using drills to install the supports for our new gate. So up and at 'em!

We are going to get the asbestos removed safely. That decision is made...whew :)

Now I'll review garden photos on here to give me a firmer idea of potential layout in the back garden. By the time the slabs are re-layed the area won't be huge so I'll have to plan carefully. Fun or what?

21 Oct, 2010


Simply love the fencing W.lass very smart ! Re. asbestos, we had a panel in our school science fume cupboard which was removed by the council men wearing white suits and huge masks like astronauts !!! Hilarious, however, the danger is if the sheets break and the asbestos leaks so take care. One question, could it have gone in the skip??

21 Oct, 2010


thats a nice strong fence your having put up.... hope you manage to ge trid of the asbestos safely.... will look forward to seeing your garden progress....

21 Oct, 2010 can't put asbestos into a skip as it's considered hazardous waste. Hubby has phoned the council and we have an appointment mid-Nov. to take it (all double wrapped in thick plastic and sealed with tape) to the local council waste site. So we'll get rid safely...whew! They do say on the council website that you should wear all the gear too but I think we'll wear masks disposable gloves and goggles and leave it at that.

I'm going to do another blog tonight to show you the finished fence and new gate and give a progress report. Ta for all your kind comments. I'll look forward to updating you too, Holly. :)

I'm like a kid in a candy excited to finally get a plan going!! :)

21 Oct, 2010


Lovely new fence, what a difference it has made already. My hubby nearly had a fit when I read about them burying the asbestos. He says to wear gloves goggles masks and paper overalls which can all be double bagged and disposed of with the asbestos. He suggests damping the asbestos down while you are doing it, because it the sparkly filaments that float in the air that cause asbestosis.
T says asbestos from the 60 and 70s is more dangerous than the more modern stuff (asbestalux)because there is less asbestos fibres in the more modern stuff.

21 Oct, 2010


Thanks for the extra info Homebird...we aren't going to bury's going to the tip (see my next blog)...all wrapped and sealed. We have no idea how old it is but it's been in the garden as substitute rickety fencing for the 20 yrs. we've been here!

I'm so glad I've got GOY friends to share plans and garden decisions with :) Roll on Dec. 6th is all I can say.....

21 Oct, 2010


Have I missed something...whats hapening on the 6th Dec.

21 Oct, 2010


I see found my next blog...I've just commented! lol

21 Oct, 2010


Your fence look's really nice, will follow the progress on your next blog.

22 Oct, 2010


What a transformation this is going to be !

24 Oct, 2010


What a difference with the new fencing! Your yard will be amazing when you get it done, I am sure - will follow your photos to see how you manage, but so far I love your taste in decor!

2 Nov, 2010


Thank you Grammazoo.

2 Nov, 2010

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