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New plants potted up


I mentioned recently that I’d been planting up some violas so thought I’d include a few photos. It’s a very small display when compared with all the beautiful pictures you all post but it’s a small start.

Here’s the violas….

And my rescued lavender….I thought this had died and then discovered some green shoots in the middle of the pot. I cut off all the dead wood and I’ve put it in the lounge window in the hope it will flourish. Should I keep the soil just moist through winter? and also have I cut it back enough?

A couple of my birthday pressies…..

From my good friend (Daisyco) Camellia Narumiu-Gata (I believe it has a scent as well as gorgeous blooms)…

Hydrangea (Hubby got this for me today in the sale at Costco)…

I’ll post up some others tomorrow if I get time. I received from my grandkids (and daughter/son-in-law) really nice plants…photos to come :)

And….finally….my friend (Daisyco, mentioned previously) gave me a huge zucchini from her garden and this was the result….Zucchini Loaf..yum, yum.

~~~I’ve just noticed under my ‘violas’ I’ve got a photo of the pitiful remains of my impatience and ?? I’m assuming neither of the flowers will bloom again or that I should take any cuttings to overwinter?? (sorry I slipped that photo in amongst the violas!)…and again…I’ve got a side-ways, krink-in-the-neck photo published again….my apologies :(

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Lavender likes good drainage and can get by with light watering...but must be pruned every year after producing buds to keep it from getting too leggy. Does not mind being outside one in the an area with good drainage.. :o) Love your Zuchinni bread shot..yum...I like to put a handful of chocolate chips and nuts in mine..have not made it in years..oh yum..
I do love sweet,...

2 Oct, 2010


I don't think you should compare yourself with others. It will lead to dissatisfaction. We're all good and bad at things on different times. Your violas are great. Hopefully they'll give you some colour all through the winter.

2 Oct, 2010


You're sweet, Hywel...thank you :) And winter colour from the violas is just what I'm aiming for.

2 Oct, 2010


I prefer Viola's to pansies in the winter,Whistonlass,mine lasted right through till May,and even then,they still had some flowers,but I needed the pot for summer.I paid £1 for 10 plants at very good value.They will give you a lot of pleasure,enjoy :o)

2 Oct, 2010


I always have violas in a wheelbarrow and in pots on my patio at this time of the year, they have such happy smiling faces no matter what kind of weather it is........
I`d put the lavender outside, somebody told me to plant some near my roses a few years back, apparently greenfly do not like it, anyway I took their advice and pleased to say it worked so I`m gradually placing more around my garden......
I like the little birds, lol..........

2 Oct, 2010


Yes, Bloomer...I'm not as keen on pansies as they can be a bit "in your face" whereas the violas are so dainty....especially if in pots.

Once the garden is developed I might then be tempted to plant a few pansies as I have seen some impressive displays in other GOY's photos/blogs.

Whichever one, pansies or violas....they bring such happiness and colour! :)

2 Oct, 2010


Ha ha ... your camelia looks lovely whichever way you look at it!! Gorgeous pot too.

Pretty violas ... I prefer them to pansies too ... they'll be perfect for winter colour.
Is zucchini loaf sweet or savoury?

2 Oct, 2010


Zucchini loaf is a sweet....similar to carrot cake actually, except that I don't put cream cheese frosting on the loaf (but I do on carrot cake).

It's yummy, Fluff....but I probably shouldn't tempt you....the diet and all!!! lol

2 Oct, 2010


I like you violas, not a pansy fan........also like the look of your loaf, any chance of the recipe please?

2 Oct, 2010


Sure is, DD....shall I post it my blog? I read something tonight about posting up recipes and I've already forgotten what I'd have to

Anybody know how to post recipes?? please.........

2 Oct, 2010


Not sure W'lass, I suppose you just go to the top of the blog, press 'edit blog' and add it in wherever you want. Don't think there's any special place for recipes. Or just do another blog with it. Looks delicious, I love carrot cake too. :o))
The violas look lovely, good to have a bit of colour in the winter, however small.
I think the lavender might be better outside too but maybe somewhere sheltered (by a wall perhaps) as it's been indoors.

3 Oct, 2010


Thanks Lily....I will take the lavender outside as you suggest. It was outside until I trimmed it back and I've noticed it's going a bit leggy in the lounge window.

I decided to post my recipe in a new blog so hope people will discover it ok. It is a keeper and good to have on hand in the freezer. It cuts really well when cold from the fridge.

Lincs...that is a good tip about the lavender under the rose bushes. I will plant roses in the garden eventually so must remember that. I'll have a space competing for lovely scents (I want roses with scent) and bees love the lavender so should help the roses too. I like your idea of planting up violas in the wheelbarrow...have you a photo please?

3 Oct, 2010


No no ... that's fine ... you tempt away! My will power's strong enough ... not! ;o)

3 Oct, 2010


I've just made Gee's toffee apple cake this afternoon....had a piece after supper tonight....gotta say, it's just too moreish!!! Sure was tasty...I'll have to give some of it away though as hubby doesn't do many cakes and especially ones with whipped cream. How can he resist?? Guess that's why he's the skinny one! could always make the loaf, slice it, then freeze slices individually so you'd only be tempted to have one piece? Hard to resist I know.....

3 Oct, 2010


Yeah right!

3 Oct, 2010

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