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I have always loved being in the garden and have watched my parents in the garden, my mum was incharge of the flowers and Dad was incharge of the veg. I didn’t grow veg in my first house but liked redesigning the garden and really made it my own, then I realised that I wanted a bigger garden and moved into my current house. I have had to make lots of changes but the garden is why I bought the house, it may be small to others but its three times the size of my first garden. I grew veg last year but had help and advice from my Dad he was also helping me decorate my home too! Sadly I lost my Dad to lung cancer this March and couldn’t bring myself to grow veg this year as it’s too painful, maybe next year?
When I had a problem with one of my plants I asked a friend at work and she said try the internet……. so I did and I have found lovely people that can help me with my many, many garden problems……………god bless all of you!!

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Hi Wellyboot and welcome to GOY. It is very sad to lose a parent and hard at first to do the things they also liked. My mum and dad like yours gave me my love of gardening. Its 20 years and more since they went but I take pleasure in hearing their comments in my head on what I get up to in my garden. In time the hurt will get easier and you will want to grow veg again and there are lots of gardeners on here with gardens of all sizes to swap ideas with. I look forward to seeing and hearing about your new garden and what you do to it.

18 Sep, 2011


Hello Wellyboot, I lost my father in January this year. He still pops up all over the place. So you see your dad will always be there.

If your dad was alive and growing his veg, he would I'm sure be getting his patch ready for next year. He would be very proud to know that you are carrying on with the legacy he left you with.

It may seem like a quiet time in the garden, but if your going to grow veg next year there's lots to be done.

Get out your spade and start getting that veg patch ready for next year.That is what he would have wanted you to do.

Gardening is the best therapy for loss or any upset we face in our lives. The garden is a place to think, contemplate and remember.

Look forward to seeing how your garden grows.

19 Sep, 2011


hi wellyboot, welcome to goy. Am very sorry for your loss and hope your garden helps to comfort you, your dad would be proud of you doing your garden. There are so many lovely people on this site it is a real comfort and joy to me, and hope it will help you, they have beautiful gardens and give loads of tips and inspiration. Look forward to seeing you garden. xx

19 Sep, 2011


Welcome to GoY. I hope you get the help and advice you're looking for on here. I'm sorry to hear about your dad. Loosing a close parent is very difficult to cope with, but I hope you'll be able to grow some vegetables next year. I think he would want you to carry on doing it :o) Good luck with your new garden. Please keep telling us how you get on :o)

20 Sep, 2011

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