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Last Colours..


By waddy


Tidying up in the garden over the weekend I was tempted to take out my camera and record the last splashes of colour and the brave flowers hanging on in there as the first frost made its presence felt last night. I hope you enjoy my choices.

Phlox Paniculata Bright Eyes

Everlasting Wall Flowers. I know they have another name but I can never remember it.

A new rose bought only the other day, My Mum.

A spray carnation grown from a shoot taken from from a bunch bough from Lidl last year. That was good value!

Rose Margaret Merill

Rose Ruby Wedding

Clematis Golden Tiara

Rose Just Joey. She’s been gorgeous, but has now finished.

A standard Rose Special Anniversary, still full of buds but I doubt they will bloom.

Clematis Polish Spirit

Japanese Anemonese

Another one I have forgotten the name of. I really should make a plan of the garden and what’s there.

Climbing Rose Gertrude Jekyll. She took a while to settle in but she’s been lovely this year

Passion Flower with Clematis Rhapsody

Sedum Neon Stonecrop

Borage. I thought this had died but one little plant has survived. I love the blue flowers.

Pyracantha Soleil d’Or I’m hoping to cover the fence with it eventually.

This pretty California poppy Freya sowed last year. She was thrilled when they appeared again this year.

Nasturtiums scrambling everywhere.

Fuchsia Riccartonii

Caryopteris White Surprise

Another Fuchsia Riccartonii

Brugmansia. She hasn’t done too well this year, too cold I think.

The gravel bed and the half barrel

A distant shot of the garden showing the Fuchsia Dollar Princess on the right.

Campanula. I bought this as an indoor plant from Ikea 4/5 years ago. when it ‘died’ off I planted it thinking something might just come of it. it has flowered twice a year ever since and gradually spread.

Cotoneaster Simonsii

This year’s winter basket

Thanks for looking.

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There are some lovely flowers still blooming in your garden Julia, the everlasting wallflower is Erysimum "Bowles's Mauve", I love them and have taken cuttings as my two original plants became old and woody. You have some beautiful Roses, especially your new one "My Mum". I was sent Borage from a GoYer and was told it would take over, not a hope as, like you, one little plant remains! There are 2 photos of Nasturtiums, the first one should possibly be the Californian Poppy sown by Freya!

12 Oct, 2015


plenty of colour still.
No frosts here yet but cold nights and mornings.

12 Oct, 2015


You have what I know as schizostylis coccinea or kaffir lily there too Waddy. Dont your fuchsias look spectacular!

12 Oct, 2015


Everything looks so colourful still Waddy ! You have a lovely selection ! I must get round my garden !

12 Oct, 2015


Lovely to see so many plants still looking so fresh and colourful. I really like your Caryopteris, might look out for one of those!

It is so comforting to read that you also forget the occasional plant name, I feel I am in good company!!

12 Oct, 2015


Everything is still going strong in your garden Waddy, lots of colour to admire and showing no signs of autumn, its grand, long may it continue....

12 Oct, 2015


Looks as if everything is making up for a slow start this year - lovely roses particularly, and Dollar Princess doing her stuff. I've resisted buying one of those campanulas heaps of times because I thought they are tender - what a great surprise to find it keeps going strong!

12 Oct, 2015


Hi, Julia: I love your "half barrel" flower bed. It's a very eye catching effect.

13 Oct, 2015


Such lovely plants and flowers you have. I hope the weather stays kind and you can enjoy them for a couple more months...

13 Oct, 2015


Lovely pics

13 Oct, 2015


Oh thump Shirley, the trouble is I'm working on three pieces of technology at the moment, my old lap-top, my new tablet, which I'm still getting used to and my camera which is almost as old as me lol! Freya's poppies can be seen in the bottom lefthand corner of the distance shot of the garden. Thanks for reminding me of 'Bowles Mauve' although I seem to have a mental block about this ones name, so I shall probably forget it immediately lol!

13 Oct, 2015


That's it Karen, Schizostylis! Thank you for the compliment on the Fuchsias. I went to my local Wyevale GC looking for a Lemon Fizz yesterday. I should have known better. Not only didn't they have it but they had so many neglected plants I wanted to cry. I've said before I wouldn't go to their GC's again, but when they're the only one for miles, you tend to be a bit stuffed. I did come home with a rescued an Oncidium Orchid, so hopefully all is not lost..sorry to this space to have a rant.

13 Oct, 2015


Rose; Thank You ;)

Wildrose; Thank you, I manage reasonably well with everyday names, it's the botanical names I struggle with.

Lincslass; Thank you. Hope you're continuing to improve :)

Stera; Thank you; I wasn't a rose person myself, but I've changed my mind over the past couple of years.

Bathgate; Thank you; It replaces a very weedy lawn.

Homebird; Thank you.

Peterathome; Thank You.

13 Oct, 2015


What a super array of colour Waddy. The wallflower is Bowles Mauve and I have just planted out rooted cuttings I took in June ready for next year. They grow well and if you keep on dead heading them they flower all Summer long. The butterflies and bees love them.

14 Oct, 2015


Thanks Linda. I'm afraid it's one of those I'm always forgetting the name of and I tend to lose plant labels too. I'm hopeless aren't I? This is really only it's first full year but I understand it only lasts two or three years before I need to take cuttings and discard the 'mother' plant. I've notice that not only bees but also hover flies love it.

14 Oct, 2015


Really enjoyed looking at your garden, Waddy. Thankyou for sharing it with us.

14 Oct, 2015


Some lovely pictures there Waddy,plenty of colour.Try taking cuttings of your Pyracantha, they strike very
quickly,I did this a few years ago,bought a red and yellow one,took cuttings,and my fence is almost covered.Going to do some more, and finish the fence completly hopefully!! the hanging basket.

17 Oct, 2015


Feverfew: Thank you, you're welcome.

17 Oct, 2015


Gralew: Thank you. I hadn't thought of cuttings. Did you take soft or hard wood cuttings? I'd like to give it a try.

17 Oct, 2015

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