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Repeat Photo


By waddy


I don’t know if it’s just me…but has anyone else noticed that lots of members photos keep being repeated.?

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I have noticed it from time to time, Waddy and, lo and behold, just as I was looking tonight, one older photo popped up :)

8 Jul, 2015


Maybe not so much the same pictures, as pictures of the same flowers!

9 Jul, 2015


I've noticed that too, what's worse are the upside down pictures, and they never fix it, or sideways pictures and they just leave it like that.

9 Jul, 2015


Its difficult to prevent or correct that Bathgate -people have tried so hard to figure out how to stop it happening.

9 Jul, 2015


I'm always miles behind on the photo pages, glad you mentioned it though else I would have thought I had my gremlins visiting again, never have figured that one out either, lol...

9 Jul, 2015


I just wish they would put their own names on the avatar
instead of these silly pseudonyms. What are they afraid of ?

10 Jul, 2015


I can't say I've noticed Waddy, but I am not very observant !

10 Jul, 2015


Mine is my own name, its just backwards...

10 Jul, 2015


Well I'll be blowed, I always wondered why but never once worked out that was what it was, my middle name as well duh!!! mines easy I'm a female living in Lincs....

10 Jul, 2015


Mine is a mixture of my Gchildrens name Grace & Lewis!

11 Jul, 2015


Hello Margaret, maybe I will remember now. I always keep getting you muddled up with Sue who lives near Newcastle
-I think !

11 Jul, 2015


I'm just Hywel (pronounced as 'Howell') It's my real name :o)

Some people say 'High - well' ... or 'He - well'
But it is correctly 'HOWELL'

When I first joined I pronounced 'Lincslass' as
'Linc - slass' and I didn't understand what it really was for many months lol :D ... sorry Sue :)

I prefer to call people by their real names but I understand that some may not be able to disclose it for various reasons, or prefer to remain private (it's their choice).
Also many people have the same name and we have to be able to distinguish between them.

11 Jul, 2015


Diane if you mean me then I'm not far away from you, right on the Lincs border where the four counties meet, in the beautiful town Amidst its Ancient Charms with Burghley House and Park on the edge of town, only one hill between us and the Fens and its more of a slope..

11 Jul, 2015


Diane, sorry to confuse the issue - the S is for Sue, and the rest is my middle name that I never use....

11 Jul, 2015


....and I'm Gee because it's what I've always been called by my family since I was a tot. I don't know why apart from it being the initial of my full name :)

12 Jul, 2015


I am Oliveoil because Olive is my middle name and I was always told not to divulge any personal details such as name or e.mail address on line so that is why I use this pseudonym and also because I loved Popeye as a young girl lol. of course I ate my spinach too. lol.

13 Jul, 2015


some chose not to divulge their real name in case they get unwanted attention. do you remember robKew who had to come off the site because the people at Kew where he worked objected?

As a girl I grew up in Seaburn. hence mine. Also the people I work would be iffy about me being on any social site. we are actively discouraged from face book etc. Not that I need discouraging, too much hassle at times for one of my gorls that she came off it. Also my OH was a police officer for many years and as our surname is unusual he didn't want any repercussions for the family.

15 Jul, 2015

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