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By waddy


Pinch punch, White rabbits and all that. Here’s a little something which I jotted down..

A bitter wind in tidying
the pages of summer,
Read and discarded.
Sweeping fallen leaves
Into piles against the wall
And swirling
Rubbish down the drain.
Like a gossamer veil
The autumn mist descends,
Wedding the air
To its husband, winter.
Vapouring breath mingles
With smoy bonfires.
A funeral pyre
For a season, gone.

I hope you like it, and that the mild weather lingers just a while longer :)

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Very good Waddy and Sums it up perfectly ,I hope the weather stays mild for a little longer ,we have so many plants re-flowering it's hard to believe it's November :o)

1 Nov, 2014


Thanks Amy. I agree, the garden is all of a muddle. I've got spring flowers in bloom alongside such flowers as roses. Very strange, but nice nevertheless.

1 Nov, 2014


It was 15c at 10pm last night.....
my flowers have a second wind too
poem sums itup perfectly x

1 Nov, 2014


Same with us Pam and a lovely day here.

1 Nov, 2014


Very atmospheric Waddy. Been sweeping up leaves from against walls for a couple of hours this morning.

1 Nov, 2014


Very appropriate Waddy, a lovely sunny day here today hubby gave our new front lawn its first mowing.

1 Nov, 2014


Fits perfect Waddy! and nice chosen words.

1 Nov, 2014


Thank you everyone. Much colder and a bit windy here today. Lots of leaves blown down last night.

1 Nov, 2014


lots of leaves swirling around here today and nice warm sun!

1 Nov, 2014


I'm not a big poetry fan,Julia,but I love this says it all about November..even if this one isn't the norm..I have been sweeping lots of leaves up too..and it isn't my tree ! :o).but it was nice to be outside in the lovely weather,so I quite enjoyed it...

1 Nov, 2014


Thank you Sandra. I'm glad you liked it, it's something I like to dabble in now and again. It has been nice again today, hasn't it, but not as warm as yesterday. I read in one of the papers today we're in for a long arctic winter, I do hope they're wrong.

1 Nov, 2014


So do I,Julia..just stepped outside to listen and see some of the Fireworks.The big organised one at Crosland Hill always does well for charity..Well,it is almost on the doorstep of the famed Standard Fireworks manufacturers,,,which is now known as 'Black Cat'..
It's still about 50 degrees,but windy now..

1 Nov, 2014


What's this I see? What treachery?
I can't believe my eyes
Another poet reaches for
The Goyers sacred prize

While Ba's away the Waddy's play
How could you stoop so low?
As to try to steal the laurel
That I stole from our dear Flo?

Your poem tells of endings
The dying of the year
You use your words delightfully
It's very good I fear :-)

2 Nov, 2014


Nice one BA! Great poem Waddy!

2 Nov, 2014


For BA...

The Laurel is an evergreen,
As all good gardeners know.
So, I cannot steal away,
That which persists to grow!

Fear not my fellow poet (s),
The Crown is safe from me.
Treachery is not in play,
I no usurper be.

From my humble jottings
You need not have a care.
Your eyes they do deceive,
My words do not compare!!

2 Nov, 2014


Love the poems flying back & forth.

2 Nov, 2014


It was the wreath worn by the bard
Referred to in my rhyme
The leaves entwined have left the tree
For better heads than mine

Your modesty it credits you
You're 'umble just like Heep
I'm so ashamed that you I blamed
It makes me want to weep

And yet the wreath in safe I'll keep
Far from usurpers clutch
Though you concede, I do believe
Though doth protest too much :-)

2 Nov, 2014


Brilliant! :))

2 Nov, 2014


'The common curse of mankind--Folly and ignorance.'
( Troilus and Cressida )

2 Nov, 2014

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