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By waddy


Hello everyone,
I don’t supose anyone has noticed, but I’ve been off GoY for a short time. This was due to the fact that my computer was so full of little Gremlins that I took it to the Computer hospital, where it was scrubbed within an inch of its microchipped life!
Anyway, I’m back now, with a beautifully restored Computer…and it’s so nice to catch up with you all again….the trouble is I’ve now lost my ‘Spell-Checker’. do any tekkies out there know how I can restore it?

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Hello Waddy. Lost your Spell Checker. Where? Do you mean when writing words on line here for example? If you mean that, then tell us which browser you are using to surf this side in order to help you. Some browsers come with an automatic speller installed like Firefox and some other browsers need an Add-On Spell Checker like Internet Explorer. If you prefer, you may copy and paste your text to another program with a working Spell Checker and copy/paste back here after the corrections.

21 Oct, 2013


Hello Costas, Thank you so much for getting back to me, about my Spell-Checker loss.
I use Google, internet to surf this site, and others. My system is Vista Basic.
Does that help at all? As you've probably gathered I'm not very technically minded lol!
Only 9 1\2 days to go before we fly to Cyprus...I can't wait!

21 Oct, 2013


What you need is microsoft office you should be able to download a demo of the latest version and that should last for 30 days and will at least give you something until you get back from cyprus

21 Oct, 2013


Nearly forgot they is also open office which is free and has got spell check as well

21 Oct, 2013


Waddy, I wrote a blog with instructions how to set your Google Chrome to spell check your text.

21 Oct, 2013


Nice to see you back :o) I had wondered where you were. We get used to seeing certain names appear on the forum, and when they go missing it's worrying. Some never return, but you have, and I'm pleased about that :o)
Also glad you got your computer sorted out ...

22 Oct, 2013


glad your back Waddy and that the computer is fixed.

22 Oct, 2013


I am glad to see you here again too.
Our computer is hanging on by a thread at the moment and has to be treated with great care.......wonder when I shall disappear for a bit too?!!!

22 Oct, 2013


Hi Waddy pleased you have your computer up and running again, mine is giving me lots of grief lately freezing up and running slow, hopefully my son is going to have a look at it for me, how did we ever live before P.Cs lol

22 Oct, 2013


Hi tell the truth I haven't the faintest idea how on earth we managed before the modern technology of computers, mobile phones etc. Hope you get yours sorted ;/
WR...I hope we don't loose you for long! Fingers crossed.

23 Oct, 2013

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