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Making the most of the weather...


By waddy


Before the weather changed and we got the heavy rain and storms so many of us have experienced, my OH and myself, decided to make the most of the beautiful sunshine and set off to a local beauty spot, where I spent many a happy hour in my youth.

This heritage signpost certainly wasn’t there I was a child, but at least it looks as if it’s been there for years and blends well with the surroundings.

The stream is well down.

This chap and his children, plus push chair, were finding the old pack horse bridge harder going than it’s original users.

We then moved on to a restored part of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal. This is the beginning of the longest tunnel through the Pennines, where once boats were taken through the tunnel, using ‘Leggers’ men who would lay on their backs and ‘walk’ along the tunnel walls to manouver the boats through the tunnel. It is now a tourist attraction, with restored cottages now housing the cafe and trips through the tunnel, now on a diesel driven boats. Not cheap, but worth the trip for the experience.

These ducks shared our snack, and probably that of many others too. They certainly knew where to wait!

Once I got home, I took my camera into the garden to record how things were looking.

This Gerber was given to me by my son for Mother’s Day last year. It’s doing well, I think.

These beans I have growing in pots have somehow managed to get themselves tangled p with my Summer Skies delphiniums.

These Delphiniums are standing almost 6ft high and look happy sharing their area with this Clematis.

These Oriental Lilies are far higher than they should be, probably well over 7ft by now…not sure why lol!

I read somewhere that it wasn’t worth trying to keep a potted azalea from year to year. I decided to repot this one up after it had finished flowering, earlier this year. I think you’ll agree it was well worth it.

Sorry this was so long. Hope you enjoyed some of it. :)

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I enjoyed all of it! Lovely photos and a very interesting looking place, thanks for such a good blog:)

25 Jul, 2013


loved the blog it was great to see the canal and boats, I could just do with a ride down the canal. Lovely pictures of your plants too :O)

25 Jul, 2013


Thank you Louisa.

Oliveoil, Thank you. I'm sure there'll be a canal near you and lots do boat trips :)

25 Jul, 2013


It wasn't too long. I enjoyed it all.
I love those historical places. They are so interesting.
Beautiful flowers in your garden too :o)
Very nice ...

25 Jul, 2013


Great blog Waddy...I would love a canal boating holiday, think it would be great fun....Love your garden flowers too...:>)

25 Jul, 2013


Hywel; Thanks, glad you enjoyed it :)

Motinot; Thank you, I'd like a holiday like that too, but they tend to be a bit expensive for just the two of us.

25 Jul, 2013


Really enjoyed your blog stunning plants in your garden .

25 Jul, 2013


A blog of two the first part of it I can almost feel the warmth and sense the peace of the place.
In the second part it is lovely to see such colourful pics of your garden. The clematis plus delphiniums is a sight to behold!!
:-) I enjoyed ALL of it!

25 Jul, 2013


Ah,my neck of the woods,Waddy..Tunnel End at Marsden,and Eastergate. I love the old Packhorse's a while since we were there. Can you imagine them having to walk over the Pennines in all weathers? Did you see the poetry on a stone,written by local poet,Simon Armitage? Apparently he has done a few around the area..
Your garden is so beautiful,and such lovely plants and colour.Pretty Clematis,and Delphs too.I know you will be enjoying your the rest of us..:o).

25 Jul, 2013


Thanks for sharing your walk with us all. Very enjoyable blog.

26 Jul, 2013


Kidsgran; Cheers! Glad you liked them.

Wildrose; That's nice of you to say, Thank you.

Bloomer; Ah, I thought you might recognise it, Bloomer. Yes I did see the poetry, I suppose I should have taken a pic of that too. I love Simon, he's one of my favourite poets, but then as he also comes fro Marsden I'm a bit biased lol! Thanks for the compliment, hope to get out there this weekend too.

Dianebulley; You're very welcome, glad you could come along!

26 Jul, 2013


A great day out Waddy - your pictures are great.
You certainly aren't short of colour in your garden - your hanging baskets are certainly full to bursting!

26 Jul, 2013


It really looks lovely there Waddy...I love the cottages!
And lots of colour in your garden!the Clematis and Delphs look great.Delphiniums never come to much in my garden(clay soil) but yours are very healthy looking

26 Jul, 2013


Scottish; Thank you. You're right about the baskets, they need an awful lot of watering and feeding.

Paul..; They are nice now, but I don't think they would have been so idyllic when the original 'Water men' lived there. Have you tried growing Delphs in pots? I have a neighbour who grows them this way, very successfully.

26 Jul, 2013


I have one in a pot ...I only bought it earlier this year(you may have seen my blogs back in May/June when I did some National trust garden visits) at Sheffield Park and I decided to put it in a pot for this year at least but it suffered in the cold winds and died back but some new healthy looking shoots are growing again now! perhaps I'll keep it in the pot next year(sunk in the soil in the border as it is now)

26 Jul, 2013


Good luck with that Paul, just remember to give it some support next year :0)

27 Jul, 2013


Hi Waddy a lovely interesting blog, we have been to Stanedge Tunnel with Sandra and Russell, even went through it on a boat [not legging it lol] amazing to think about how it was built I think I put a blog on awhile back.
You have a beautiful garden your baskets are gorgeous! I love the Evening Primrose? and the Fuchsia above it [is it a hardy one? the Antirrhiniums are looking so pretty and colourful I must remember to sow some next year;0).

28 Jul, 2013

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