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Duel Flush Water Waster.


By waddy


This isn’t technically a gardening ‘Blog’ but I thought it was worth alerting people to the potentially unexplained raise in water bills, especially if you’ve got a duel flush toilet.

We are on water meter and have been in our property 3 years. We pay our bill by direct debit each month and the amount we pay is calculated on the previous years usage…hope you’re still with me.

The first year was a ‘guess’ for obvious reasons. Because we are not wasteful the second year the bill went down. All well and good. This year, due to the very dry spring (remember that?) we installed 3 extra water butts, so following this, plus the wet summer we expected the bill would be lower for this coming year, ….so imagine our surprise when the bill arrived and… it had gone up…by quite a lot.

I rang the water board to question this and amongst the things they advised me to check was our ‘duel flush’ toilet. I’m so glad we did.
It turned out that the overflow was running back down the pan, practically all the time, but so slowly it hadn’t been noticed. If we hadn’t checked up, we calculated our water consumption would have almost doubled in 12months, leaving us with a frightening bill.

You might think this is pretty rare, but infact I have now discovered it is a common problem with this kind of toilet flush. We’ve had the plumber out and everything is working correctly again, but I thought I’d pass this experience on so others are aware of the possible problem.

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Could you actually see the water running? the trouble with dual flush ones is you can't take the tops off to see that water level - at least you can't on ours.

21 Oct, 2012


That should be made more obvious Waddy but I guess that the water companies are rubbing their hands in glee......

21 Oct, 2012


I dont agree with bills based on previous consumption.

21 Oct, 2012


I think it's a good idea to bring it to our attention ,Waddy..anything like this is worth knowing..thanks .:o)

21 Oct, 2012


Gosh, the dual flush was supposed to reduce water consumption. Maybe not such a 'green' idea:-(

21 Oct, 2012


Thanks for your responses.
Steragram;- not noticably, it was only when OH actually placed his finger under the toilet rim that it became obvious.
Pamg;- They are only concened if it's THEIR problem...otherwise tough.

Dianebulley;- Neither do I, but it's the only way they can calculate possible useage each year. To actually read everyones meters each month or even quarter would prove to expensive...then bills would just go up to compensate. What would be nice is that if they noticed a big increase in useage, that they contacted the customer, not just left it to them to spot. I can't help feeling some old people might not notice and just go ahead and pay the bill.

Bloomer; You're welcome...and thanks for introducing Wildrose and myself to each other via GoY.

Bornagain;- My thoughts exactly. Not all new technology is good is it?

22 Oct, 2012


No problem,Waddy..good to meet other nice members :o)

22 Oct, 2012


Anglia Water calculate the bills on previous consumption then read the meters every 2 years. They are gradually changing the meters to outside walls which is much better. I bought an upstairs flat, so my pipework is inside.
They overcharged me by £82, then are knocking it off my bill so much each month.
I definitely would not pay by DD when they make mistakes like this.

22 Oct, 2012


Diane, I can see exactly what you mean. However, I think Yorkshire Water perhaps work slightly differently. To begin with people on meters have their water rates worked out slightly differently than those on a 'standard bill' they take into account the size of your property, occupants etc. They then calculate what they think your usage will be over a year, divide that by 12 to give the monthly amount due on D.D. They do apply a discount for paying in ths manner as it cuts down on the need to send out monthly bills.
We are on a water meter which is outside the property and which..if they can manage it get read twice a year, but at least once. If they have miscalculated your use too high the next bill is lower, too low and ....well you get the general idea.
Can I ask do you get a yearly, quarterly or monthly water it might give me some leverage to have ours recalculated now the toilet is fixed.

22 Oct, 2012


Hi Waddy, thanks for putting this blog on, Im going to show it to my neighbour Beryl when she returns from holiday. Harry and I have read the meter for her over a 24hour period so it will be interesting to see how much was used during that time. At least now the problems with dual flush Loos has come to light and hope that something will be done about it now;0)

22 Oct, 2012


Well the old fashioned overflows seem the best idea then :o)
I'm glad you found out about the problem before it got too costly for you ...

22 Oct, 2012


I was notified by my water company when they noticed a large increase in my consumption earlier this year. They suspected a leak which I had checked out. It turned out the the meter had been read incorrectly. Phew, thank goodness :)

23 Oct, 2012


I wish ours were as diligent Gee. I feel sure they would have just been happy to take my money:(

23 Oct, 2012

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