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By waddy


Sitting with the lap-top feeling very sorry for myself. An out break of my Spondylosis plus the awful weather has resulted in a very painful back and a ratty temper :(

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Waddy, I can't possibly press the "Like" key for this. You poor thing. The horrid weather here (44° and humid in town yesterday) has been really stressful, too. I have asthma, chest pains and sciatica, all of which knock the joy out of gardening, plus stress induced diverticulitis. No one can sleep for the heat and the biting insects, so we're all ratty and exhausted too.
You can't win, can you?
Hope you're feeling better very soon. (spondylosis is a real b****r, I've heard)

21 Jun, 2012


Oh poor you Waddy, does the weather cause it to flare up, I do feel for you, my arthritis is a beggar when its wet and damp...

21 Jun, 2012


I can honestly say you have my sympathy Waddy, get well soon.

21 Jun, 2012


Get well soon Waddy x

21 Jun, 2012


That sounds painful. It's a nasty thing to suffer with. The weather is irritating too. Maybe everything will improve a bit with time.
Do something to spoil yourself :o)

21 Jun, 2012


Hope it eases soon !! as Hywel says go on spoil yourself :)

21 Jun, 2012

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