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Hello Again


By waddy

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Hello everyone, sorry I’ve not been here for a while, things have been rather hectic in the Waddy household. I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice to say what with family gatherings, illnesses and breakdowns my mind has been rather full of other ‘stuff’ as it were.
Anyway, hopefully normal service has now been resumed!
The garden is positively shooting up. Even some seeds brought back from Maderia in February, which I’d given up on, have suddenly sprung into life since being put into the electric propagator, my husband bought me for my birthday.
The OH and myself have really enjoyed eating out on the patio this past week, although on a downside the water butts are now all empty and we’re having to use the house water, which is metered. We’re never happy are we?
I finally got rid or the dratted Spanish Bluebells ad a friend has given me a bit of ‘Lily of the Valley’ which she assures me will spread under the bushes etc, were the ‘Bells were growing. I love their perfume, so hope she’s right.
I’ll try to upload some pics of how things are looking at the moment…but don’t hold your breath lol!

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Hello Waddy, pleased you are back on track again, sometimes life does get us down for various reasons, good weather and being able to get outside certainly always helps with building our spirits back up again.
My waterbutts are nearly empty as well so its back to saving rinsing water again, its been very cloudy from early evening every night this week but no rain as yet....

30 May, 2012

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