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By waddy


I don’t really know where o begin, as I’ve never written a blog before, so I thought I’d begin by telling you a bit about myself, where I live and my garden.
I’m 59 yrs old (well nearly 60 if I’m honest) I retired from teaching two years ago, this July, but still do some exam work from time to time.
I am married to Richard, we celebrate 37yrs of marriage on Christmas eve. I have a son Christopher who is 35 at the end of June. He and his partner presented me with a beautiful granddaughter (freya-april or Freyabobs to the family) on Mothers Day last year.
I live in West Yorkshire, near Huddersfield. We moved here 3 years ago this October. It’s a small bungalow, just big enough fro the two of us, with a garden back and front.
The front garden has a lawn of sorts, which we are trying desperately to improve. It is surrounded on all sides by flowerbeds.
The back garden also had a lawn, but as it was in such a bad state we’ve graveled it over. There are also beds to all four sides.
Since coming here we’ve added many more flowers, climbers, bushes etc to both front and back. We’ve also built a patio at the back so we can eat outside when the weather permits.
We used to have an allotment, where I grew all our own veggies, but now I have to make do with containers etc and in the summer the garden never seems big enough.
We lucky in that we get the sun all day either front or back and in the summer, the back garden is a lovely sun trap.
I really love gardening and I’m never happier than when I’m pottering around in my garden.
Well, now I’ve bored you all to bits, perhaps someone will let me know if I’ve got this ‘blogging’ right?
If I haven’t I’ll put it down to experience. If I have I’ll carry on lol.

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Thank you for your kind comments and the welcome!

31 Mar, 2012


Welcome to Goy Waddy, you have a lovely profile pic, your blog is very good, you have told us about yourself, the family and your garden and made it a very good read, definitely not boring at all..
As Bilbo says we have it all on here, in fact its hard to keep up sometimes as you`ll soon find out, have a browse and enjoy...

31 Mar, 2012


Welcome,Waddy..a nice chatty blog..just the ticket..we all like a good natter,about all sorts of things...but gardening mainly..I live just on the outskirts of Huddersfield too,and your blog reminds me so much of our home and lifestyle..except we never had an allotment..but did swap the rubbish lawn for gravel ! :o) Watch out,it's very prepared to spend a lot of time on here,so leave the duster in the cupboard,and keep on blogging..look foward to seeing some pics of your garden..:o)

31 Mar, 2012


hello and welcome,we love pics too so put plenty on,its true what bloomer says,it is addictive and blog away as much as you can,chris

31 Mar, 2012


welcome from me too. there are a few retired teachers on here. Gardening to relieve all the stress of a very important job. did you do big ones or the little ones?

I'm over in EAst Yorks so not too far away.
look forward to seeing photos of you garden.
love the avatar pic. isnt she gorgeous.

any of us have burnt the tea due to this forum, be warned ;o)

31 Mar, 2012


Oh SBg,I had forgotten about the burnt offerings...pork chops in oven,and smoke alarm went off ! .OH was still working then,and never had a clue ! Lol....plenty of nice gravy masked them very well :o))

31 Mar, 2012


I lost a tea towel in similar circumstances. oops!

31 Mar, 2012


oops indeed ! :o)

31 Mar, 2012


LOL, I`m lucky cos hubby likes his meat cremated or he won`t eat it anyway, especially likes his chops with a cripsy edge..

31 Mar, 2012


Same here,Sue..He wouldn't eat a steak if it wasn't well done..I hate it like me all the flavour has dried up ..yuk !

31 Mar, 2012


Welcome of GOY Waddy - nice to meet you :)
You will like it here I'm sure. Looking forward to hearing and seeing all about your garden :)

31 Mar, 2012


Hello Waddy and welcome great blog

31 Mar, 2012


Hello & welcome Waddy, Im quite new on here too & have made some good friends & meet up with one regularly for GC & garden visits.
Its great fun & the Goyers are so helpful, so enjoy.

31 Mar, 2012


Welcome to GoY :o)
It was interesting to read about you and your family and garden. I hope you write many more blogs :o) Nice to have you on board ....

1 Apr, 2012

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