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By vii


since i broke my leg it is not so easy to get out into the garden. My other half has been doing jobs like cutting the lawn, and keeping it tidy in general. but it is doing my head in that i can not get out myself. still hospital tomorrow hope cast comes off.

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So sorry to hear this it must be so frustrating for you, roll on tomorrow, when the cast is off you can have a good scratch!

21 Aug, 2012


Sorry to hear about your leg. It must be very annoying for you not being able to get in the garden. I hope you have good news from your hospital appointment.

22 Aug, 2012


Good luck, dont worry about the garden it will still be there.

22 Aug, 2012


Your leg may feel quite weak when you get the plaster off, which is disapointing when you cant wait to get going again. Just take it easy and enjoy a long bath/shower and all will soon be well :o)

22 Aug, 2012


This must be horrible, at least you know your garden has been taken care of (:

22 Aug, 2012


Sorry to hear about your leg. Frustration is awful when you are unable to do what you want. I suffer bad health and have had to learn how to negotiate a lot of jobs that I would have once done myself. Hope you got good news at the hospital and they removed the cast.

22 Aug, 2012


Poor you! I sympathise and really hope you get the cast off tomorrow. Am recovering from illness myself and know how difficult it is to 'take it easy' when there are things you long to do!

22 Aug, 2012


thank you all for your kind comments I have had cast off. but as janfren said it still feels very weak. still being able to message and read other members comments keeps me sane, I would not have found this site had it not happened. Every cloud has a silver lining. vii

28 Aug, 2012


Hi Vii, does that rhyme? Glad to hear you're cast is off. I think you'll enjoy being a GOY member, only problem is ... you keep seeing plants you MUST have:-)

8 Sep, 2012

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