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I’ve just been quoted nearly £1000 to design my garden!! Thats without any plants!!

So I’m going to do it myself!!

All I want is to make my garden look pretty – I live in
a really windy location so I know I will need hardy type

What sort of climbers could I use to cover the walls and

I have two of those curved walls – I would consider trees
in the corner which would grow tall & tower the walls.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!! I live on a
new build estate – my garden is small, oblong shaped with the curved wall at each end.

My garden is mostly shaded, sun up until around 4pm unfortunately! Its an East facing garden. I dont know
what soil type we have.

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Wow, not many have curved walls, Vicki! I would make them a feature, but not matching. Maybe a comfy seat in one and a water feature in the other ? Looking forward to seeing how it develops.

1 May, 2011


Not at all an expert, but as an observer I think I'd initially go for some tall soft screening to visually distance the neighbours [Something tall light and fluttery].
Perhaps paint that fence a more sympathetic shade of green - this should confuse the eye when you plant in front of it and again soften your perimeter. I might be tempted to establish an architectural mix of leaf shapes and evergreen/deciduous........... tallish at the boundary reducing the scale of your planting as you move into the garden.
The feature walls are just that - a feature, and will hold their own as a point of interest until you've established the infrastructure of your garden - and then you can best decide how to embellish them!!

Just a couple of initial thoughts you understand - and I've been wrong before............ often!


1 May, 2011


how lovely to have walls in the garden ~ sometimes it helps to take a photo from upstairs ~ then it looks like a plan view and its easier to imagine what can go where. do you know where the sun is mostly or what sort of soil?

1 May, 2011


Hi thanks for all the advice. Wyeth I like your advice to paint the fence - concentrating on covering that rather than my walls. What sort of tall fluttery shrubs would you

1 May, 2011


what about scented roses and a nice rubens montana clematis to cover the fence,def paint it,and the walls brill for seating,go into the pics on the gardens here i got a lot of ideas from the nicest people on here ever,welcome

1 May, 2011


Welcome to GoY :)
I think you'll have to keep part of your garden for the footballer !

1 May, 2011


unusual curved walls vicky, i have some clems east facing and climbing hydragea like shade to, also i live in blackpool and always windy haha,also whatever you plant in the curved walls i think they would make lovely features with a statue or something to show off, planter, birdbath, the list is endless. :o))

1 May, 2011


How about a statue standing in the centre of one wall, the walls are a beautiful shape, then have plants either side, clematis, or similar (sorry San. just seen your idea!!) Have lots of pots on the gravel bed and make a border on the right of the picture, curved, and then you can fill that with many plants of good value from your garden centre/market. The wall & fence by the way will give some protection from the winds. good luck. Vicki, you could look on here at other peoples gardens and get loads of ideas too!

1 May, 2011


great minds grandmage :o)))

1 May, 2011


Oh Vicki, what a dilemia. If you dont like looking at the walls my initial thought is ivy. Most people hate ivy as its so vigorous although there are some nice variegated ones like Golden Heart but still a nuisance if left unchecked. Virginia creeper again is vigorous but nice and there are a couple of honeysuckles that will tolerate some shade. A bench or bistro set would look good in the curve and you could have some pots containing shade and wind tolerants. I would do some googling by way of research. Not sure but probaby climbing hydrangea would be good up the fence but its self clinging which isnt always good.

1 May, 2011


do you fancy some water in the garden? a feature in front of the wall perhaps? with ivy or any climbing plant on it too?

1 May, 2011



thank you everyone for your advice - I AM TAKING IT ALL

I have tried to take a arial photo from upstairs but
the extension gets in the way, I will try to take another photo of the curved wall at the other end of the garden which is slightly larger.
I also have a small patio area - which I am trying to
fill with containers, i have a couple of boxus type plants
as I know they will sustain the wind.

SO any ideas also for plants in containers that look pretty
and are good with wind are also appreciated.

Will try to post another picture of the other curved wall
and small patio.

I know my garden wont take much - just need the
right advice x

1 May, 2011


at the bottom of each page on GoY is the alphabet ~ click on the letter to find pictures such as 'containers' etc.

1 May, 2011


First thing I'd do Vicki is fet yourself a soil-testing kit from the GC or B&Q, see what kind of soil you have before you waste money buying plants that are not suitable.

You don't have to rush into getting the job done, take time, think about what plants you like, whether or not you have a lot of time to spare gardening (if not you maybe want some low-maintenance shrubs etc). In the meatime you could plant up som nice pots to dot around to give some colour, plants that could always go into the garden at a later date.

It's so exciting planning a new garden - we're in the middle of doing ours too.

2 May, 2011

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