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Hi, my name is Tracy and I live in New Addington; near Croydon in Surrey.
I don't have many plants in my garden as I don't seem to be very good with them. I have tried many different plants/shrubs etc. The soil seems to be chalky and very hard with lots of stones. My house is built on the old site of a school, so there is a lot of rubble here.
I have got a very small rockery garden in which I have planted some heathers, and ground covering conifers. I have a Maple tree which changes colour in the autumn/winter - this is one of my successes and I love it more during the autumn/winter months. I have a zalia and a rodedenran (sorry to those of you who are avid gardeners as I do not know how to spell their names correctly) both of these do not seem to be doing very well and neither one of them flowered this year. I have a jasmin which is spreading nicely on my fence but again this did not flower this year. I did have some other plants of which I had to take out of my garden as my grandaughter kept trying to eat the berries from them. I would love to grow a holly bush and a grape vine, but not sure if my garden and gardening skills will manage well. I love to do the garden when I have time - which is not often as I work full time and baby sit in my spare time. I have two tortoise who love the garden and keep wrecking my rockery, we have had to fence in all the way round the garden; so sadly I will never be able to get hedge hoggs in the garden oh well. Well thats me!

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