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Winter Blues


Hi Everyone,

Not been on here for a few weeks with one thing and another so thought i would drop by and see how everyone is coping with the great british weather!

As i only really got interested in gardening in April this year, winters have never really bothered me before, but oh not now! Now i’m having gardening withdrawal symptoms. I get up in the morning to go to work, and i cant see the garden because its still dark. I arrive home from work and i cant see the garden because its gone dark. So now i’m beginning to wonder whether i ever did actually have a garden at all!

The last few weekends have been spent shifting what felt like thousands of leaves from the borders and the lawn, only to have to repeat the exercise again the following week. Then i’ve been wrapping plants in fleece to protect them. Again, this is something i’ve never done before, but now that i’ve been bitten by the bug, i’m conscious of losing plants we’ve spent money on. So now there are odd ghost shaped forms dotted around the place.

Then after the winds we had the other week, i woke to find one of my greenhouses had blown over (granted they are the plastic ones but thats not the point is it!). I discovered this while standing at the kitchen window eating breakfast on a day off. Well, breakfast was put on hold while i sprinted outside, (Linford would have been proud!) wellies afoot, dressing gown and wet hair – somewhat chilly i can tell you, to try to erect it again and save the plants that had been sitting inside it. Thankfully most were ok. Then when i’d sorted that i turned back to the house to see that 3 lots of fleece and come undone, blown off the plants and were strewn across the garden!

The garden just looks so sorry for itself and i feel so sorry for it too. I’m ticking the days off the calender until the sun starts to shine and we can all get out there and tend to our plants.

Here’s a couple of photos from the other week just as the sun was setting. If you look closely on the third one, you can just make out our resident Robin.


And since then…well there’s been the snow.

These were taken this morning

All my pots filled with spring bulbs have now disapeared under mounds of snow – do i leave this on them to insulate or take it off asap? So all in all, i think it can be said i have the winter blues.

Roll on spring…..PLEASE :0)

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Think we all feel the same as you, i know you live in Lanc's but in Blackpool here there as been no snow at all, just very cold nights and sunny days. 2wks on Tuesday is the shortest day, (i can't wait)then it starts coming light again, really we should'nt be wishing our lives away should we.

4 Dec, 2010


It is thawing today, thank goodness, we had about 2ft in total, but the big melt is on! Well for the next couple of days it is on! then its back to the cold and snow again.

4 Dec, 2010


same here in east Yorkshire.

4 Dec, 2010


If the pots are truly frost-proof, leave the snow, which is a great insulator. The bulbs will be fine.

5 Dec, 2010


thanks for yoru comments - the sun is out here at the mo, so hopefully some of this white stuff will dissappear!

5 Dec, 2010


David's right, Tilly. They'll be just fine, you wait and see. :-) I know the feeling about the 'ghostly shapes'. Henry barked at them when I first fleeced things - now he ignores them!

I use clothes pegs to fasten the fleece to cane hoops over the smaller plants/shrubs, or just wrapped round three canes placed round the taller ones, also clipped on with clothes pegs. Hope that helps.

5 Dec, 2010


thanks David and Spritz. As always your advice is invaluable :0)

7 Dec, 2010


All snow has gone here in Bolton, just heavy frosts to cope with now. Your bulbs should be fine, keep counting the days till spring! :-)

12 Dec, 2010

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