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My Greenhouse in April


By teegee


This is where it all starts off!

Without it, I would be unable to afford to keep my garden and allotments as I like them.

The Greenhouse !!… to me “The Work house” might be a more appropriate name, as I do a lot of work in here, particulaly in the first three or four months of the year.

The following pictures will bear testament to that;

Inside Greenhouse;


Germinating seedlings on the hot bed;

Germinating herbs on the hotbed;

Brassicas germinating;

Plants that still need a bit of heat to grow on and develop;

More plants that still need a bit of heat to grow on and develop;

Pricked out Brassicas;

Pricked out bedding plants;

Pricked out bedding plants;

Pricked out bedding plants;

Petunias read for pricking out;

Pricked out Flowers and Veg;

Pricked out French and Runner beans;

French beans;

Climbing French beans;

Pricked out Tomatoes;

Tomatoes growing on;

Tomatoes growing on not quite ready for planting out yet, still need at least another couple of weeks;

Chilli peppers;

Pricked out Sweet Peppers;

Sweet Peppers growing on;

Pumpkins for the grandkids;

Germinated Cucumbers;

Pricked out Courgettes and Sweet Peppers.

Pumpkins and Sweet Peppers;

Pricked out Melons;

Aubergines growing on;

Leeks sown one to a cell;

Peas sown in cells to give an early crop;

Potatoes chitted and ready for planting;

Chrysanthemum cuttins;

A few plants hardening off in the coldframe;

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Wow. Fantastic ! :o)))

26 Apr, 2012


My goodness, how busy you have been! Pricking out is my least favourite gardening job so I don't know how you've had the patience to do all of those. It gives me backache too :(

26 Apr, 2012


I SAW IT TO BELIEVE IT. I am sure you win many first prizes at your local show.

26 Apr, 2012


Gooodness, it takes a lot of patience when pricking out all ones seedlings, so you must be virtuous, lol...
All doing well Teegee....

26 Apr, 2012


Wow i have a tiny greenhouse but would love a bigger one, yours looks fab.

26 Apr, 2012


Thanks for all your comments and may I reply to ;

Craftyemma & Lincs lass pricking is not the problem it once was, I have taken a leaf out of the commercial growers book and sow as much as I can in cells.

This is fine for seeds that I can pick up individually, but I still have to revert to the traditional methods for 'dust' like seeds.

Costas; There was a time when I used to exhibit but not anymore I'm afraid.

26 Apr, 2012


That greenhouse staging looks deeper and more sensible than mine, as I cant grow anything under mine, too dark. Where did you get it TG ?

26 Apr, 2012


Hi Diane

My greenhouse is an Alton 10 x 8 and the staging is standard, so if you check with Alton you should be able to get the dimensions...... Tg

26 Apr, 2012


My dad told me he now sows one or two seeds in small pots so he doesn't have to do much pricking out. So I went out and bought two trays with 40 small pots in each, I will be doing the same in the future :)

27 Apr, 2012


Gosh you've got lots of stuff growing ... it's wonderful :o)

27 Apr, 2012

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