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I was sitting on the sofa (as you do with a poorly ankle) watching my fence waving in the breeze and threatening to collapse when the man came round about putting in a new one.

“Ah” he said knowledgeably “that measures 75ft and will cost £1125. You will have to have it fitted on this side (rather than on my neighbours who had kindly allowed access) and you will have to have 2 ft of plants taken out all the way down to make room.”

Surely he is having a laugh. I dont know what gives me more of a heartattack the cost or the idea of moving all those plants when I am not meant to be working at all (not to mention the question of where on earth I would put them).

What on earth am I meant to do now?

I am tending towards the idea of just replacing the worst of the panels and then getting a decent few shrubs to grow up it to provide stability as the others continue to rot, before taking them down and being left with a shrub hedge. The idea is to a) put off the inevitable and b) try to reduce the cost by around £1000.

A hedge would be more sustainable and green in the long run any way and we could have all types of delicious blue or yellow lovelies like ceanothus, solanum crispum.

Hmm is this a blessing in disguise? I must discuss with neighbour.

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I was quoted £650 for 5 fence panels and posts.
My wife and myself dug out the old posts, replaced with new ones and concreted them in. Waited a few days (a couple of weeks) before putting the panels up and securing them to the posts.

A total of £350. Oh and a lot of grunts and groans. I was lucky I only had a few shrubs I needed to cut back for access.

15 Apr, 2010


What a terrible price !! lol - I'd have the hedge. It would be more interesting and never rot away.

16 Apr, 2010


isn't woven willow panels supposed to be good as the wind goes through --no idea on prices though

16 Apr, 2010


know how you feel sarah. i had to replace 2 panels last year that got blown down, at least they fell on my side of the garden. we did have to dig out a philadelphius but it was overgrown with a honeysuckle which never flowered very well. I have replanted that part of the border for late colour so at least I had the fun of buying new plants. You could leave the old panels in as a windbreak while any new shrubs get established

16 Apr, 2010


That's outrageous! I'm sure you could get hedging plants going - do you 'have' to have a fence? As for removing all those plants - well - I'd have had a fit!!!

16 Apr, 2010


You pooor thing. !. I hope your back on your feet soon and 2. Where is he getting that price?? He he's priced you up and added another 0 on the end. Grow a hedge, better for the wildlife and gentlier on your pocket

16 Apr, 2010


...that's what I call a rip off! I'd be after another quote if I were you....Or get some friends round for a fencing party! Or as you've said, a hedge..if it's OK with the neighbour. Hope your ankle gets better soon. :o)

16 Apr, 2010


what a lot of money...... hope you can sort out what to do...............

16 Apr, 2010


i think you are being ripped off sarah, so expensive, first i would get at least 3 quotes and ask about your plants, then make a desision, dont rush and pay so much

16 Apr, 2010


I suspect that may be the going rate in this part of the world. Did you see GW last night? Toby put up some wattle fencing which would fit in with your garden. that might come in cheaper although you would probably still need firm posts

17 Apr, 2010


Sadly I just dont think I can afford it - and I cant move the plants for a while anyway, so I will just replace the absolute minimum and then look for some wall shrubs to prop the others up.

17 Apr, 2010


shop around to get the best price on the panels~you don't need a wall! and start growing a quick hedging plant like Griselina~there are lots of online sellers like hedge nursey ,hedges direct etc. but they will all take some room out of your borders until you can take the fence down.
this from hedge nursery
Griselinia (Griselinia Littoralis) Instant Hedging 120cm x 100cm x 60cm
Product Code: I120GRIL100
From only: £102.00 Ex VAT

17 Apr, 2010


Thanks for the hedging suggestion Arlene - any others would be welcome too: the bottom of the garden is very swampy so I either need something which will cope or will have to make a raised bed, in which case I guess I am not too limited..

18 Apr, 2010

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