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used wrong spray!!!!


Went into the shed yesterday, wasn’t wearing my reading glasses, picked up the bug spray, did the mange tout, clematis, raspberries roses and other plants. Went out this morning, mange tout all brown. Shock and horror, looked at the spray bottle, WEEDKILLER, not bug killer!!!! Any suggestions or have I lost the lot. Also, bulbs in pots with some of these plants, will the bulbs die as well?

I could have cried, both sprays in same colour bottle, will make sure I don’t do that again in a hurry …………….

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Oh, whoops, poor you, easy to do though, have got to that stage where I need my glasses round my neck at all times ! I should imagine you may have lost the lot, not sure, maybe you could get the bulbs out quickly, clean off soil and re-pot them and hope. ! Good luck.

2 Sep, 2010


Oh dear, if you had noticed it straight away you probably could have washed it all off, but after all those hours I doubt it now. So sorry, agree with Grandmage about the bulbs though, worth a try. I would give it all a wash anyhow, you never know. Pray !!! ?

2 Sep, 2010


Oh no, You are remarkably good natured about it!

2 Sep, 2010

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