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Winters Slumber Is Almost Over


By sueb


Its amazing just how quickly an hour passes when you’re in the garden. I find I become totally absorbed by everything that’s going on. Nature is magnificent. Life is beginning to stir and it makes me feel alive again after the long winter blues.

I spent an hour just wandering around this afternoon I pulled a few weeds and discovered some bulbs had broken through the ground and some of the pots are springing back to life.

Top left is Alliums with wonderful purple globes and to the right Eremurus with their beautiful yellow foxtail blooms. Bottom left Sweet peas and the promise of heavenly fragrance, and my long border where all the action will be this year everything has to be taken out. it’s being ravaged by disease. By the end of the summer I hope to have a glorious perennial flowerbed.

My Chamerops Fortunei has produced a side shoot how exciting! Hemercallis poking through and Eryngium’s bursting into life in the pots.

Pulmonaria Mary & Joseph and the Forsythea are showing their colours.

My Ribies Pullborough Scarlet and Hydrangea Petiolaris are starting to unfurl with a glimpse of what’s to come.

Its a fantastic time of year to see the garden waking from its winter slumber spring is on its way. :0)

Thursday Morning.

I have just been for a walk in the garden and found this early visitor.

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Lovely to see this sueb. It poured rain here all day yesterday and today we have freezing fog.

17 Feb, 2011


its great seeing everything coming to life,after what this winter has thrown at them..these tiny things are much tougher than us,aren't they? We had a lovely day yesterday,so got a few jobs done outside too..and a long walk in the afternoon....Feels so good.:o)

17 Feb, 2011


Hi Scotsgran ~ Sorry to hear your still fogged in! I will send you some of the lovely sunshine pouring in through the windows this morning.

Hi bloomer ~ I've just been out for a walk round the garden and I have seen a small baby bird hopping round the bushes. I would love a long walk along the river bank but bad foot stops me. Unable to walk very far at all so I will just potter.

Just going to add photo of baby bird!

17 Feb, 2011


I agree with you, Sue, it's heartwarming to see new growth after the awful Winter we had. May I ask you about Allium Drumstick variety? I potted loads up, a new type of bulb to me, they're already a foot tall and I'm not sure if they go in the ground now or stay in their pots! Take it easy on that bad foot! : o ))

17 Feb, 2011


Hi Shirley ~ Where have you got your alliums? Mine are in an unheated greenhouse. I will bring them out on warm days. I will plant out mid April. Or you could leave in the pot this summer just pop the pot into the border then lift out and plant bulbs into the ground in November (this is when they should be planted). If you plant now you could loose them if the weather turns bad again.

17 Feb, 2011


I guess the sun did not have as much get up and go as yourself but I appreciate the thought. Freezing fog still hanging on and we are not due for a defrost until Saturday so I have had to postpone my journey south until then. Take care of the foot.

17 Feb, 2011


lovely to see spring arriving sue, mine are peeking through to and alot of my perenials are sprouting, its great, love your little visitor, is he ok doesnt look like he has a tail feather, early if a young one, nice pics :o))

17 Feb, 2011


Thanks for that info. Sue ... mine are outdoors in the plastic growhouse ... no heat obviously! I'll sit them out on sunny days ... then plant them in the borders. Many thanks. : o )

17 Feb, 2011


Scotsgran ~ Sorry the sunshine did not reach you, but as your a ray of sunshine in our lives I'm sure you day was bright. :0)X

San~ You can't help getting excited by the sight of green shoots poking through. Little bird is fine he hopped round the garden all day mum calling to him. Last time I saw him he was sitting on a bamboo cain I put leading up to the lower branch of the big Laurel bush at the bottom of the garden. Fingers crossed he went up into the bush the nest is in side.

ShirleyT~ your very welcome :0)

17 Feb, 2011


thats good news sue, glad he`s ok :o)

17 Feb, 2011


Thank you Sueb. I'm afraid I have not had time to miss the sun. I make batches of banana cake once in a while and freeze what we do not want to eat. I must have bought enough bananas to make twice the normal size batch so that is what I have been doing all day. I am just about to take mix no 7 of eight out of the oven. I think your little visitor looks like a baby song thrush. He is an early bird but our birds have all been getting very amorous these last 2 weeks so I expect we too will have baby birds around soon. They are much more resilient than we give them credit for. I hope he sticks around for you.

17 Feb, 2011


Ummmm! Banana cake sounds good. I made Tea Bread this morning.I have seen baby bird this morning in the cherry tree with mum.

18 Feb, 2011


What a lovely blog Sueb, Thank you!

4 Mar, 2011

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