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Back down on the veg patch...again


Just recording the progress so far

So here we are mid july with GNUts guarding the bench

and seeking more and more attention

This is the first of the cucumbers and I have to say very nice too. Had a few now and they are doing well

and back to the plant bench, hey you where are you going…gggrrrr

just a quicky before we check the veg, ok its not a good shot but do you know the name of this, its a tall coreopsis type of thing, about 1 and a half metres. yellow flowers with a touch of white

and heres the toms so far

cucumbers n courgettes n stuff

ok its a bit messy but just had a tidy up n weeding session so looking alot better now

had to scale down the sun bench in this weather, just too hot

and heres where most of the spare plants are in the new improved cool zone

raised beds are ok and hope that rain gets here soon

the spare toms n bits n bobs in my small spare polytunnel (hark at me)

some wild flower seeds look ok in amongst the weeds

and heres the front as of a couple of days ago, not so bad

and heres Kaia doing her usual blocking of the walkway as if to say stop n give me a scratch

who me, yes you

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Looks like polytom tunnel city!
Those cucumber snacks look very I'm hungry!
Are you building a veg empire Stevie? It's all looking really good!

22 Jul, 2013


Stevie the Greengrocer. It has a certain ring to it.
'Supplier to the Trade'
A wee van & Bob's your uncle with the menagerie to softsoap the punters.

22 Jul, 2013


Looking good, lets hope someone does not leave a tenner for the cat lol

22 Jul, 2013


I love the new 'cool' area Stevie, very cool ! LOl all looking good in this heat and drought, cannot keep up with the watering really, can you?

22 Jul, 2013


I love your guardcat but Kaia looks too comfortable to be bothered actually, lol, its all looking good Stevie, you've excelled yourself at the front of your home this year and your wild patch is doing well, do you cut it down after the seedheads have dropped or just leave well alone....

22 Jul, 2013


Its amazing - I feel tired just thinking abut all the work it involves!

22 Jul, 2013


Ditto, Stera!! That last photo of Kaia is fabulous, Stevie.

22 Jul, 2013


A larger slice of cucumber comes in handy, bit of ham n cheese on a cracker and you've cracked it....

Certainly a grocer to myself for a couple of months, gonna try and keep it going as long as pos into the tunnels

Ditto, decided to move as much as poss into the cool area as I could not keep up, thankfully a bit of rain today

Lincs, the wild patch is not mine but i suspect it'll be left to die over. Bitas of it have been dug, a long project but coming on bit by bit. Its had decades of weeds

dont be fooled by kaia folks, shes a sly princess ; )

23 Jul, 2013



24 Jul, 2013


About the plant I.D, it looks like a Helianthus member, especially tuberosus (Jerusalem artichoke) but, I've never seen one with those coloured flowers - which do resemble Coreopsis but the foliage isn't right for the latter! Lovely plant, has it started growing this year yet!

18 Feb, 2014


Well just about, got a few clumps of it but to be honest its a bit much in containers as its very thirsty indeed so needs to go in the ground. There are a few small shoots starting at the base and its very robust. I am thinking of dotting them alonf the pond a bit then'll have plenty of stock of it : )

20 Feb, 2014

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