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All the ducks are swimming in the......


Just a quick view of some chicks n things

Can’t walk by and not include a quick pics of my neighbours splendid poppies in the light

and more passions are now in full swing

Just potting up in the evening and nice tranquil scene over on the pond

Everything is in order as the ducks quietly enjoy it

and there’s some chicks awww

and nice to see all the flag irises coming out, BUT just then alot of quacking, whats going on??

ah whats this I see?

ah yes I see you

quick everyone, into the centre

who me? yes you

I can still see you

and off he goes

hes round the back, but we’re ok here

and as your were

nice bit of sun, the Tibetan prayer flags to ward off the nettles seems to have failed though

and have some more poppies

difficult to know ‘when’ the garden (even if it is my neighbours) is at its best, so best take another pic

Come on Kaia look into to my camera, no you’ve ignored me and have no biscuit, talk to the paw cus the dog ain’t listenin

Look I said I’m not looking at the camera…..doh

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Nice blog, Steve. I am very sorry to say I like your neighbour s garden very much. Specially the photo with poppies and rays of sun. Definetely there will be some mood swings in the winter, lol.

20 Jun, 2013


I thought there was a fox about. Lovely Poppies. Is it your pond? Some people have all the luck.

20 Jun, 2013


really like this blog, thank you.

20 Jun, 2013


LOL, thanks for the laugh...beautiful scenery in your own back yard, how nice for you :)

20 Jun, 2013


enjoyed the walk, thanks for posting.

"passion" always makes me smile: there was a recipe that called for passion fruit, but the instructions went on, "birish housewives can substitute strawberries for passion"

21 Jun, 2013


Idyllic! I am so jealous. That was a lovely blog, S the T. How wonderful to be potting up with that view before you, or behind, or wherever. The pictures of Kaia are adorable.

21 Jun, 2013


Thanks folks : )
mood swings in the winter Kat!!?
well hoping to stick loads of veg and tom soup in my freezer, lets see if summer delivers
No not my pond (wish it was\0 just over the fence in the field near me DB
thanks JP, FH2, TB
Problem is Fran, am hoping to get some ripe passion fruits but only one plant in flower and need another to polliate!! The winter took its toll on my big plants so news ones are on the go, fingers crossed.

22 Jun, 2013


cross mine as well

22 Jun, 2013


lovely photos stevie!

particularly like the twilight pond, buttercups, passionflowers and poppies but most of all Kaia ~ talk to the paw!

26 Jun, 2013


She insists I must have a biscuit sometimes, then at other times when I have one she's not interested, fussy dog

28 Jun, 2013


behaves more like a cat ~ being that contrary!

28 Jun, 2013



2 Jul, 2013


Nearly missed this one Stevie, great blog and some smashing photo's, Kaia looks so cute posing in the window and the shots of the pond are really lovely, lol...

22 Jul, 2013


thx Lincs : )

23 Jul, 2013

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