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Down on the Veg patch n front


Just to record whats happening early season

So here we are at the end of May, just before the flag Irises emerge

Time for some gardening, hey whos got me gloves..GNUts!! meow

But a bit of panic, 2 chicks found struggling on the floor. put one on the widowsil, get the wheelbarrow

This chap looks a bit deshevled

ah that might be mum

ok where to put them

well one managed to fly off after a rest, put the other one here away from cats

ah sun comes out over my neighbors cottage garden

and here’s the poppy’s getting going

buttercup pond

buttercup field

spotted the first flag iris last week

hey Stevie where am I supposed to go now you’ve cleared all the weeds out of the polytunnel?

well I spend the best part of an afternoon arranging me pots to get my perennial border going. And after all that…er not quite right
This is the new strategy of putting 3 or 4 things in one bigger pot rather than repotting forever

ah there we go, now starting to look better (more to add tomorrow ; )

and yes, been busy, this is the new improved cool put aside area, now with loads of space to get stuff going,and or put it aside

Heres the small polytunnel now being used as spares for stuff in the big mega tunnel

The sun bench getting good use

and here’s how things are devolving in the big tunnel

have now dug the rest of it

ah some chicks on the pond

there they are

Ggggrr (get off me leg)

all looking overgrown

looking the other way, the new wideflower/plant section underway

The spare plant bench still going well

and nice to see the sun last week

Poppys out in full

as they overtake the aqualegias

should be a good year for grapes of my older vine

first passion flowers of the year : ) plenty more to come

Just a lovely bit of sun

and here we are this week, the flags are out

plenty more of them to come

see you next time

take care

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I enjoyed your blog...esp liked the buttercup pond & field. Bless you for taking care of the birds, aww. Just to let you know though that it's dad looking over the edge not mum :)

16 Jun, 2013


What a huge plot Stevie, and how marvellous to have the water and marshy part. But I was wondering, what do you do in your spare time? Its all very impressive, especially the passion flowers and the poppies.

16 Jun, 2013


That is a huge area to look after but you must love the variety you have there.
Buttercups have had a wonderful year haven't they?
I wonder which job you will be tackling tomorrow?
well done you!!!

16 Jun, 2013


What a great blog. It has everything. I feel quite exhausted just looking at it. You have a lot of land to look after. I envy your river and ducks or are they geese?

16 Jun, 2013


I loved the buttercup field and pond too;makes me feel nostalgic for my childhood and carefree Summers when the sun seemed always to be shining. I find your somewhat relaxed style of gardening very comfortable. Hope those little chicks make it through, and nice to see GNuts again.

17 Jun, 2013


Marvellous Stevie. Many Goyers will envy you such a large garden, and natural water too !
I liked the use of pallets to make the bench.

18 Jun, 2013


Love the buttercup fields and pond, are they in your garden....

18 Jun, 2013


Thanks folks, its not all mine, I just have use of a bit for a veg patch (and two small polytunnels ; )

GNuts says hi to all

18 Jun, 2013


All looking lovely Stevie, I am jealous over your passion flower as mine are very very slow this year! Keep up the good work, love the 'put aside area'!!

19 Jun, 2013


Well GM it helps to have it in a poly tunnel ; )

20 Jun, 2013


I know Stevie......but just don't have the room!!

27 Jun, 2013

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