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Stickis' Westonbirt Acer Blog - part 2


following on from

with some similar/identical shots ; )

sadly my camera couldn’t cope very well with the low light but here’s a few pics anyways

Ah here we are at Lulus : )

Just in case we didn’t go to Westonbirt, I had bought Lulu some acer leaves, Sluggy doesn’t seem very impressed, ‘I cant eat these’!!

So shall we go straight out?? NO lets have a snack, some of Stevies’ new marmalade (more on that coming soon)

Quick peek in Lulus fridge, whats this? still going strong.

Sticki bought some chicken pie, oh ok just a small piece ; )

and some veg pie!!

So off we went to Westonbirt Arboretum (lunch ETA minus 2-3hrs)
NB camera not so good today so some blurryness

Had to pay for Sticki as she pulled the old ‘I havent got my wallet trick’ ; )

Pic almost the same as Stickis ; ) Lulu and wooden thing

ah thats a bit better

lovey pinks

yep thats it…just framing this…..dooohhh

luvly yellas

reds n yellas

its a fantasy land : )

yep just a lovely shot…..doohhh Lulu!!!


double wow

triple wow

wo…what the???

‘’Lets get our moneys worth Stevie’’!!!


‘’Psst Stevie, in ere, I’ve got some vodka’’

Lots of these dissectums

Lulu told me to take a pic of this sign, any questions see Lulu

luvley mix of trees

leaves a fallin

Acers plus a Lulu

Yin and yang, or as I call it, green n red ; )

ah something in focus for a change : )

and out again : (


wow (but i think Stickis shot of this is better : )

Leaves again ; ), must get a bigger shot of this

yep just frame this….dohhhh

lovely (blurred) acer

Interesting change of colour

Like Pixie dust

ah a fairy ring : )

fairy ring, plus pixie (plus a leg doohh)…time for a cuppa and a sit down (lunch ETA minus 1 hr and counting)

Unbeknown to use this is one of the main collection points for the surprise mystery garden tours…come on everyone.!!!!!!!!!…(ok ok take it seriously)

I said SERIOUSLY!!! Sticki put that parakeet down!!!

ah the famous prehistoric…ummm

…Wollemi pine (couldn’t get a cutting..damm)

acer leaves 3

ah a group of these, huddled together

whos that nicking leaves

just framing this shot….dohhh


If I pull on this, it’ll make me smile : )

ah just framing this….doohhh

and just time for one more shape before lunch

Back at the ranch Sluggy overcomes her shyness

ah lunch, and for starters Lulus famous garlic bread (garlic, chilli, coriander on Ciabatta rolls)

some carrot coleslaw thingy, tomatoe thingy

I tried a bit of everything, unfortunately this was before the Filo Surprise avec ham, bacon, steamed diced potatoes with some gruyere cheese and yogurt filling.
The surprise being it was without the filo pastry ; )

and there we were three happy bods

Ah reunited with an old friend

Thank you to Lulu and Sticki for yet another luvly day out and eats again x

Cheers : )

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thats a great blog stevie ~ i loved it! fabulous photos ~ loads of shots i didnt get!

made me laugh

what a great day it was AND now we are on the bus for Bampy's tours ~ well done for catching that photo ~ where was i ~ drinking coffee?

p.s. my purse was in the boot

24 Oct, 2012


Very enjoyable blog. Had to show some of the pics to my OH having his "before heading off to work" coffee ... I was laughing & he wanted to know why. The vodka comment was particularly funny. Looks as if you all had a fun time & those Acers are gorgeous.

24 Oct, 2012


I like especially those red acers with dark branches, reminds me red coral reeves. Wolemi pine is there? It likes hot temperatures.
Nice park.

24 Oct, 2012


The best features of autumn captured here - a wonderful setting!

24 Oct, 2012


It must be quite hardy Kat, although it was a bit protected by the other trees.
Wd, I have to say i think autumn was captured a tad better on Stickis blog this time : )

24 Oct, 2012


Not sure about that stevie! I like this blog.

24 Oct, 2012


I like yours better : )

24 Oct, 2012


This one is much funnier! Btw I like the title!

24 Oct, 2012


I don`t know whose blog is the better,lol, you both have stunning pics, the colours and shapes of the trees is an amazing sight, one I would not have seen without your blogs, so thankyou for sharing what was obviously another good day out, the family on the rug and sofa look very contented as well..

24 Oct, 2012


Brilliant brilliant brilliant blogging and so amusing too. Just found this and its late 12.20am. going to byes now, thanks for all the fun, it was like i was there!

24 Oct, 2012


I enjoyed the walk through the arboretum with you, Sticki and Lulu.
Thank you.

25 Oct, 2012


I have got a serious case of aceronitis, there is no cure or antidote - - - - - - - - - - - - GOOD !!! LOL ;-))))

superb blog.

25 Oct, 2012


Did you like your buses Bampy!
Well done Stevie..........suitably blurry photos without any meade (next time!) Next time will also remember the pastry on the pie!
Gawd knows what photos I can find that are to Ludlow.........back later to blog!

25 Oct, 2012


Welcome to Bampys Tour Bus Guide
Fasten your seat-belts
Your in for a ride.
Refreshments are served by Stick-Toffee
& our driver today is StheT (gulps)
If you look to your left there's an Imp in a tree,
Lulu's past life defo a monkey (a sweet little Tamarin I hastely add )
Over to our right the souvenir shop
where fluffy parrots are all the rage - - - NOT !!
Our last stop is the Fairy Ring
where wishes are made - - - if that's your thing !
Now what would you wish for GoYpers all?
A complete refund if you please ?!?!?!? (so cruel )
Bampys commentary gave me shaky knees !
Thank goodness for all those AMAZING trees !
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
FYI: shakey knees due to StheT driving the bus like he was on his Royal Enfield :-O

25 Oct, 2012


thats brilliant bampy!

25 Oct, 2012


I really enjoyed this pictures And I imagine how to be near with this trees , Oh i'm sure i will have to hug each !

25 Oct, 2012


Thanks folks, I think Lulus beaten you to it Junna ; )
all aboard for Bampys house

26 Oct, 2012


Bampy's going to join us next year...............!!! All aboard!

26 Oct, 2012


Oh ya! LOL!!!

27 Oct, 2012


lovely blog, wonderfull colours and really love the twisted branches of the acers in one of the photos, looks like you all had fun :o)

31 Oct, 2012


My camera took a bit of a day off Sandra, check out Stickis' blog as her pics are better and the colours even more so, yes fun as always

31 Oct, 2012


Lulu's blog pics not bad either!!

1 Nov, 2012


Oh of course lol, of course, I meant to say check out both Lulus and Stickis pics which are both equally excellent and much better than these...gulp : / (obviously goes without saying) ; )

1 Nov, 2012

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