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Fancy a Fritter? ; )


Ok just a mini mini blog.
You may remember from two blogs ago the link from GM on my Comphrey blog (see link n recipe at the end : )

Apart from having made some feed for my plants from it, this is the first attempt at some healthy nutrition (for myself) from the wonder plant comphrey.
I had invited a couple of my friends round so i thought I would make them a starter that they’ve never ever had before ; )…ever ; )
(PS they did survive ; )

Ok so here we go, made a batter (2 eggs, milk n flour). Added some garlic (my own) and also a bit of parsley (my own ; ).
Ah here we see the lovely healthy leaves (cut out the stem parts down the centre)

So lets chop the comphrey nice n fine. Hmm bit like spinach, very easy to chop, in she goes, bit of salt n pepper.

and bosh, in goes four clusters of leaves with batter

flip em over, and then served with a bit of sour cream n chive, hmmm ok quite nice.

ah ok you wanna another one

Brrrrr wheres that bit of comphrey Stevie?

Next stop some root cream : )

thanks for tasting : )

ok this was from this link

allantoin, pyrrolizidine and symphtocynoglossine alkaloids, mucilage, choline, tannins, saponins, asparagine, inulin, resins, phenolic acids include rosmarinic and caffeic, protein

A (28,000 IU per 100g), B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, E

calcium, phosphorus, potassium, chromium, cobalt, copper, magnesium, iron, manganese, sodium, boron, lead, sulphur, molybdenum, zinc

vulnerary, astringent, expectorant, emollient, demulcent, antiseptic, pectoral, nutritive, tonic, alterative, styptic, homeostatic, antioxidant

Comfrey is a rich source of the amino acid methionine, which has been found to assist the body eliminate cholesterol and reduce fatty tissue and blood pressure.

Comfrey fritters
can make an economical, nutritious and quick meal. Make a batter, with egg, milk and flour, and add finely chopped comfrey leaves (omit the thick stem as it takes longer to cook). Season with salt and pepper and, if desired, onions, garlic or other herbs, to flavour. Place tablespoonfull amounts in an oiled fry pan and brown both sides. Serve fritters hot or cold for packed lunches, etc. Whole leaves can be dipped in batter and fried.

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oooooh now i feel very hungry, they look really good, very yummy and by the sounds of that long list of long names im sure they are very good for you.

[i just cant pronounce all the words!]

17 Sep, 2012


Well to be honest a tad plain but quite nice to eat knowing its good for you (and more or less free). Similar in a way to a cupful of cabbage giving you 90% of your daily VitC.

And I suspect a bit like other medical herbs/plants they have lots of stuff but basically balance the body so it can best heal itself

Maybe a bit more salt n pepper next time and a bit of onion : )

17 Sep, 2012


maybe a few herbs or healthy spices? would that work ~ along with the salt and pepper? fritters are always nice comfort food!!

17 Sep, 2012


LoL a bit of cut n' paste info at the end!!

Tempura batter is yummy too.....1 egg, 1 cup ice cold water, 1 cup flour. Don't over beat and use immediately!!

How's about Lavender pancakes?

17 Sep, 2012


I used a bit of lemon juice as well, well kind of a pancake isnt it ; )

17 Sep, 2012


I aim to inform Lulu ; ) and for you folks a couple of seconds extra pasting ; )

hmm lavender yes : )

17 Sep, 2012


tempura is really lovely ~ you have to use fizzy water dont you?

17 Sep, 2012


That's why I thought tempura....more savoury and crispy.
Take one large orange bowl.........

17 Sep, 2012


yes I've heard of that Sticki!

17 Sep, 2012


take one large orange bowl ~ that you havent got!!??

17 Sep, 2012


Think it has a 'friend' Sticki!!
I wonder if I have the biggest, most useful one?

17 Sep, 2012


i think you have!!!!!

17 Sep, 2012


I do not see any guests, Steve. Where are they? :))

17 Sep, 2012


Thier names have been protected Kat ; ) But they ate it i assure you and had seconds

17 Sep, 2012


Aha. I just asked as then it would be more trustworthy :) Sounds interesting to me, I am just curious, why all herbalists warn from consumption of Comphrey leaves.

18 Sep, 2012


ah well on the link there is some info on the liver issue being a myth, not surprising and big Pharma companies dont want any natural healing herbs out there for free but would rather sell junk full of toxins to make further money

18 Sep, 2012


Good to see you back Pixi : )

18 Sep, 2012


I am sure Big Pharma has nothing against pancakes, that´s for sure. :))

18 Sep, 2012


Just caught up with this Stevie, yum those fritters look delish! Maybe you could add, orange & lemon zest also mixed spice or brown sugar even a little chilli flake!! Just to zest up the taste. They certainly should be delicious with that impressive list of nutrients. Lol

4 Oct, 2012


Ah GM, I see Sticki and Dbully has had a go and made some interesting recipes for taste, will try again soon with a tastier version.

4 Oct, 2012


i added cumin and chunks of green pepper to mine, and made the batter with fizzy water. bit like pakoras but with comfrey?

4 Oct, 2012

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