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More up Front (n a bit more of Shula)


Well just thought I would record the front of the cottage at the end of the season, end of August into September sort of thing, and why not ; )
maybe chuck in a few fruits and if you stay with this blog, maybe Shula will come out to play as well ; ) (not allowed to say ‘click like’ anymore lol)

Lets start with some end of August sky, big fluffy clouds

Some shots of the front, (recording purposes only) here after a shower

Those Rudbeckia keep going, glad i didn’t split them and flog them now : )

The arch did fairly well, mostly covered, my evil plan has worked : )

Morning light, love the morning light

The BIG trellis

Always interesting light, gotta love the light

n grass

More morning light


into the day

Sun on the Acer

Shade on the Acer (can you say ‘shade’ is on something? guess so)

Horsetail has done well (in the mini japanese section)

Fly (ok basic title but dont know what type and couldn’t be bothered to look it up)

One more (unto the breech dear friends) in the end of the season light

Kaia watching, sees September in

Frogs on the move

There you go, more natural photo (I did put him down the back again ok)

The Spare plant bench is full to brimming (but nothing selling, must be something to do with the low ‘footfall’ of three people a day ; )

Ok so Car boot anyone? Did a small one which was not good, (rather tight peeps arguing over £2!! you know the sort of thing) but did another, bigger one, with the help of some old junk and was ok. Very surprised my never worn ‘’I love New York T shirt’’ didn’t go, saves a air fair!!!

Kaias not impressed though , no biscuit

But hello whos this, you dont usually come over

Fancied a scratch Stevie

But feel free to come over to my place prrrr


Hmmm sat up here before for a GNuts photo shoot so why not again

Ok lets get down now, i think there’s someone else (who’s hot right now) needs a petting

Hello you

Difficult to take a pic with you isnt it….

I fancy a drink, Is this where it is?

Just gonna run around

and around

Starting to sniff things alot now


and here



Ok bye Shula, till next time

Ah and another perfect arch (I do arches oh yes)

and at the other end, gosh that grape vine has gone berserk

Lovely light on the pond

Doing ok for cucumbers

This little fellas guarding a new passion fruit, everything’s working hard

Even DLLegs is doing press ups (4, 5, 6, must be up to Stevies polycave standard)

Lots of fruits now, about 20

good eh, had a bowl of tomatoes as well

This is the first big pickings though, just noting which to see which are tastier

and quite a few left for…CHUTNEY!!!! (you just know thats blogs coming!!!! ; )

and another lovely antidepressant

as September skys draw in : )

Cheers : )

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wow!!! lots of lovely photos, love the skies and the japanese anemones; cant wait for that chutney!

Shula has grown loads! how many biscuits has she been eating?

better re-name your polytunnel ⇉ polyarches? the vine leaves look really good ~ AND two more passionflowers?

cant believe the size of those passionfruits!

i reckon you must be using something like george's marvellous medicine down there ~ the rate things are growing!!!

great pictures of shula and gnuts

thanks stevie!

12 Sep, 2012


Very nice enjoyed a lot.

12 Sep, 2012


yes indeed - plenty of pictures, creatures, fruits and flowers.
Shula looks very happy and full of energy:)
does it all grow that well on comphrey?
Thank you for an update:)

12 Sep, 2012


so many pictures ~ i forgot to say that acer has never looked better!

and i really like the daddylonglegs in the gymnastic event

and that little leaf hopper bug

12 Sep, 2012


Cheers folks, Sorry I have to edit this and inject a bit of humour, just took so long to load it all on ; )

12 Sep, 2012


This one is your most impressive blog, especially regarding colours. I love how those first two photos fit perfectly together.
Shula is in motion, that´s typical for her age. By the way, do you know that sniffing for dogs or cats is the same activity as we do when we read newspapers? They read a lot of news about the street:)
Impressive crops!!! I must say, you are very good farmer, Stevie. So many fruits and vegetables. I have lot of apples this summer, so on weekend I am going to make "strudel" and can make a blog, if there is interest. I will bake with D´Artagnan :))
And like that colourful living wall of the cottage :))

12 Sep, 2012


Sticki@daddylonglegs in the gymnastic event, LOL. I have never heard that, hahaha. Funny.

12 Sep, 2012


will you let us know when the results of the tomato tasting jury are in please stevie?

12 Sep, 2012


yes please katarina ~ strudel blog [and tasting] would be very good!!

12 Sep, 2012


Strudel blog will be, just how to organize the tasting ceremony? Lol.

12 Sep, 2012


Well we've done Chutney but never had a Strudel blog yet, looking forward to that : )

12 Sep, 2012


i clicked favourites instead of like this time stevie ~ loved the new commentary!

Im just wondering about this bit
'The arch did fairly well, mostly covered, my evil plant has worked : )'

evil plant???!!!!

that acer ought to be framed ~ its so gorgeous

love the japanese section

you do 456 press ups stevie? im really impressed!!!

katarina ~ you do the blog, we'll do the tasting?!! [and the awards!!]

12 Sep, 2012


I must say that the best strudels are made in Central Europe, Germany and Netherlands. OK. So Strudel day this weekend :))

12 Sep, 2012


ah totally exhausted, blogged out Sticki, meant to say 'plan'

12 Sep, 2012


yes but it made me laugh!!! liked the evil plant!

12 Sep, 2012


Lapsus linguae - that´s what we in fact wanted to say. But evil plan sounds more distinguished :))

12 Sep, 2012


Re-read the blog - it's much better now Stevie.
Katarina - waiting for a blog on strudel and D´Artagnan.
We can visually judge the strudel? lol

12 Sep, 2012


Visually you can´t, of course. Only in case you are big esthete, lol. Most of all I would like to invite for strudel, vanille ice cream and coffee...

12 Sep, 2012


yes please, thank you katarina!

12 Sep, 2012


wish we could come...;)

12 Sep, 2012


And what was with that T-shirt, Steve? Please, do not use idiomatic English, then I do not understand, lol.

12 Sep, 2012


Katarina - just ask. I know how hard it is, especially about idioms/phrasal verbs. But this is everyday language for them, sometimes it is hard for them to judge which phares we are not familiar with.... And some expressions - you just cannot translate as they go (word for word) as it doesn't make sense at all...

12 Sep, 2012


What do you want to say? It was nonsense? Lol :)))
Better have a look on how women look when they eat a lot of strudels - just uploaded :))
Kasia, soon you will see your flowers photo in frame :)

12 Sep, 2012


no it wasn't nonsense Katarina. I am also wondering what it means;-) lol
will check in a sec.
and waiting to see a photo in a frame:)

12 Sep, 2012


Stevie is blogged out under cushions, let wish him good night and sweet dreams, trellies-free.

12 Sep, 2012


will put a photo of that T Shirt on in the morning, that is to say a T-Shirt with the phrase 'I Love NY' on it. Meaning if you have that T shirt then you dont have to go there to get one : )

12 Sep, 2012


That´s intelligent :)

12 Sep, 2012


Very jealous of your tomatoes!

13 Sep, 2012


No bog one, all sort of medium size. took three plants out as they were not going to do/produce anything usuable at all so lots more room now for the remaining ones to get some light : )

13 Sep, 2012


Chucked mine away:(

14 Sep, 2012


Whilst Dave cant escape you could pester him for a polytunnel ; )

14 Sep, 2012


he could borrow it for drum practise occasionally???

14 Sep, 2012


He nearly mowed my lawn today but it was making the other shoulder hurt!

14 Sep, 2012


oh no! is it right shoulder and is he right handed?

you will have to have a little mower that you can get Sluggy to pull round the grass???

14 Sep, 2012


Its the curse of the OB ; )

14 Sep, 2012


Enjoyed your pics!

17 Sep, 2012


Cheers TB : )

17 Sep, 2012


OB? or am I being obtuse!

17 Sep, 2012


i spent ages trying to work that out but i still havent!!

17 Sep, 2012


curse of the OB!! I thought it would be obvious, you know the old wives saying that
'''She who keeps OB from someone who visits (with blueberrys) and refuses to give it back brings bad luck on the house''' Its widley know that if then that person does a mocking mosiac with said OB then shoulder injury of partner is very likely''
So said the witches of the old bamboo grove in the time of the dragons I believe ; )

17 Sep, 2012


Ha! haha...ha! I've forgotten where I've put it.........

17 Sep, 2012


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nooooooo, I need proof of life (I know, its with the shoes ; )

17 Sep, 2012


What? Hidden behind the cupboard....I don't think so!
Have you seen the veggie patch pic? Think I've mesed my shoulder up digging it over!

17 Sep, 2012


oh THAT OB ~ no wonder google couldnt find it, lulu cant either!!!

17 Sep, 2012


Google seems to think that 'orange bowl' is a sport.

Heh heh it is when you nick one, hide/loose it!

17 Sep, 2012


OK, Englishmen, what is OB? Here it is the name for Garden Center. I am sure you will giggle and then say something polite to me :))

17 Sep, 2012


sorry katarina i am giggling!!!!

OB = stevie's Orange Bowl that he left behind at lulu's house.

17 Sep, 2012


So that´s skeleton in Lulu´s cupboard...isn´t it? :))

17 Sep, 2012


i will leave lulu to answer that one ~ made me laugh!!

17 Sep, 2012


Skeleton with OB carved on its skull, lol.

17 Sep, 2012


Maybe no room in the cupboard in that case ; ) or behind it for that matter (pile of shoes)

17 Sep, 2012


Lol. Were they forgot by some guests as well?

17 Sep, 2012

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