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Runnin around with Shula (n other visitors)


Ello folks

A few general shots of around this month including some of the new arrival, Shula, as requested by Katarina : ) and some other visitors

But first, for Sticki, here’s the two flowers from your morning glory pressy

and has had lots of flowers : )

Had a visitor in the polycave, ello, can you see me?


Just came in for some trapped flies, help yourself : )

Tomatoes lookin good

Had some lovely buds on the lily

and my Hibiscus, which has never flowered, gave me the first and only flower

But lovely to work in the polytunnel, great for potting stuff up if the clouds are out

and lovely in the sun

This is my new cool area for cuttings and split plants, lets them get a root in out of the sun.

Another newt, gets the big pond as home

Pond, did someone say pond?? Grrr

Ello I’m Shula, i’m only small arrghh

Dont move Stevie

Change of water, everyone correct, Olly says hello

and yet more, huey duey and luey

Ok where shall we go

Hey where you goin?

huey says, ’I’m off’

Later on those buds came out nice

Been a good year for lilys it seems

anemone n bud

This is a neighbours display

Had to do a double take as a piglet came round the corner, these had escaped for a neighbours

and another biggun

Interested GNuts, not really

Hey goosey Katrina says hi

Grrr (say hi from me ; )

Hmmm bit wet so i’ll just sit here


Came out at night with the torch to see if I could snag any slugs, have no fear this guy was on patrol

and his son as well


Ok if you want a pic

Kaia, whats up, ‘help me Stevie’ is someone after you?

ah i see

hello you

I enjoy playing with Kaia



hmm is this a stick

not sure i want my picture taken

but i like a scratch

hmm lets hide

arrgh dont bite me Shula


I like it – I dont

aggh shes got me leg now

oh that hurt

well if you’re sittin down I will too

waiting for a snack ; )

ah we caught you slimeball

fruitfulness comes to those those that wait

fruit n beauty

be fruitful folks

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wow theres loads going on!!!

love the shula pics and those little piglets, that lily is fabulous
loved the newts and so many ramshorn snails too!!!

passionflowers and fruits are just fantastic

thank you for the pictures of the morning glory, they are lovely flowers ~ wish i could grow them!!!

25 Aug, 2012


What a delight, so much wildlife - Shula's gorgeous, of course. But newts! How lovely, I remember those used to be in the stream on Streatham Common when I was kid, loads of them. Haven't seen one for years and years...

25 Aug, 2012


All in one ! the best blog:-) loved the frogs, the dogs everything is very lovely and the little tomatoes, this is extravagant Stevie, wow!!!!

25 Aug, 2012


Cute Shula, cute piglets, and wish we had newts in our pond. You have some great colour going on in your pots and the passion flowers look brilliant and the toms look ready. I enjoyed your blog.

25 Aug, 2012


Thanks folks, pleasure : )

25 Aug, 2012


What a cute little puppy Shula is how big will she get? Lovely blog as always Stevie loved the surprise visitor from next door:)

25 Aug, 2012


Hi, Steve, what a Zoo, lol. At the first moment I thought you have some sort of parrot with no feathers (slug) in a polytunnel, lol. What sort of lizards do you have? Or is it newt?
Great crops of tomatoes :)))

25 Aug, 2012


Not sure Nana, she was a rescue puppy from a farm, yes I had to do a double take when a piglet came round the drive lol. Just a UK common Newt Kat, we have another here called the great crested newt , its larger but quite rare now.

25 Aug, 2012


What do you feed it with?

25 Aug, 2012


I assume you mean the newts Kat, I put most of them in the pond and assume they eat insects etc

25 Aug, 2012


Looks like simple management รก la "help yourself" :)
Shula fed in neighbourhood, goose in communal pond, Gnut is homeless, etc. Lol.

25 Aug, 2012


That was lovely. Are you sure it's not Noah's Ark down there? Someone may have asked that before.It's great to see all the animals but I love seeing the dogs playing together and those adorable little piglets. Your Morning Glory is very pretty. It always reminds me of a story from the 'Rupert' annual when I was little. It was called Rupert and the ice flowers and the flowers were just like that.

25 Aug, 2012


o wow! there is really a lot going on:) and it's nice to have so many animals around and not being their owner, lol.
Masha just became a mummy - one black and one gingery;-)
the gingery one is very active, lol:)

25 Aug, 2012


It is a bit like animal farm over rhere at times. Oh wow kasy, I bet you are there with your camera, a fluffy blog coming soon?

25 Aug, 2012


aw kasy thats so sweet! how lovely!

25 Aug, 2012


not really with the camera yet. It's bit dark in the cupboard there and guess what became a home for the kittens?
My laundry bin. Next to it was a box - especially for Masha. But she just loves laundry bins, lol. Will try to take some pics tomorrow.

25 Aug, 2012


Is Shula a Shetland Collie ? My mother used to keep them, from childhood I remember the puppies.

25 Aug, 2012


Having visions of you chasing newts around the pond and pots with your camera!
That snail is/was HUGE!

Lovely piglets, pups and plants there Stevie :)

28 Aug, 2012


Not sure DB, I guess shes a collie of some description,
Cheers Lulu : )

28 Aug, 2012


Well what a lucky puppy finding a lovely home:)

28 Aug, 2012


she was diagnosed with a weak heart Nana and my neighbour was told she might go but seems full of life to us : )

31 Aug, 2012


oh poor little thing, i didnt realise that. lets hope its something that has corrected itself

31 Aug, 2012


To be honest we think it was a misdiagnosis, The clutch of puppies were rescued from a farm and not in good condition but i think they are all ok now : )

31 Aug, 2012


thats good!!!

all the very best shula! all that fresh air must be healthy!

31 Aug, 2012


Just catching up a bit before going away for the weekend and read your reply Stevie I am keeping my fingers crossed that the diagnosis was incorrect it's amazing what a lot of love and fresh air can do:) x

1 Sep, 2012


I do hope so but to be honest i think she is in exactly the right place, Everyday I get one or all of the others pass my window. Its a regular biscuit stop for them : )

1 Sep, 2012


the fresh air and the biscuits ~ that will do it ~ perfect!!

1 Sep, 2012


Lovely lot of photos to look at Stevie. Shula is adorable and I bet she gets lots of cuddles. Love the Morning glory picture. Such lovely rich colour in the flowers. I used to enjoy looking after all the animals when we had our smallholding years ago and it sure keeps you active. Thankyou for sharing.

18 Sep, 2012


Thanks Lindak, the morning glorys were courtesy of one Mrs Sticki. Shula is growing fast and love running away : )

18 Sep, 2012


When Gerry's dad was alive Stevie we bought him a border collie for his Birthday. We kept the puppy for a week and took him to Gerry's dad on the day. He called him Skipper. He turned out to be a lovely dog and used to love running along the beach where they lived.

18 Sep, 2012


so glad i gave you those seedlings stevie [and some to lulu] ~ especially as mine all died!!!!

18 Sep, 2012


Morning Glories all flowering away!

18 Sep, 2012


thats good!!

18 Sep, 2012

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