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March of the mini Frogs n Passion, Pond Bits (& no brake pads)


Well the march of cute little mini frogs is upon us (surely a precursor to the 2012 apocalypse ; )

yes saw quite a few under my feet, hope they all make it to the pond and safety

Ok lets start the blog with a few feelgood pics of passion flowers over in the polycave ok?
This just by the door

And yes if I wear yellow you cant see me can you?


what god alone sees (and some small flies)

I was thinking of untangling it and have one or two branches going along the polytunnel it but to be honest I might have to wait !!

Ok and here’s what you came for, even the act of putting the watering can down, little fogger here makes a break for the water

and another!

Ok back to the passion flowers

just cant stop

and look even one of the flies has a pose

step back a bit mate

how you two getting on? come on make a break for it, while that stupid fella in the hat is busy taking numerous pics

yeah you

get out the picture ok

but just moving plants outside, how many are there now

ello, this tray is better, where do ya think your goin?

thats it keep your ed down



Ok you guys, how abut coming over the the front of mine and help out. Yes all four are in this picture, can you see them?

Ok Bjs, this is my nibbled leaf (but these are the other snails)

Look Sticki hes going along that stem like an algea eating ninja, lovin it munch munch


and in the rain, (dont look at the brake pad box thats fallen off…I said….)

quick shot of some more clem buds

Do like the way the Bill Mackenzie Clem fills in this gap

will add a couple more shots if you’re good ; )

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frogs and passionflowers ~ never thought of those together before!!!

love them both!!!

was it really sunny there stevie ~ sunny enough for a sun hat?

i cant belieeeeeeeeeeve how many buds and flowers are on that passionflower

really like those little froggies

22 Jun, 2012


Aren't those little froggies great. The passion flowers are lovely too, they have really made themselves at home.

22 Jun, 2012


Loved it! Have to watch out cutting the grass with those little chappies around. Those passion flowers are wonderful.

22 Jun, 2012


Fun blog, Stevie. Great to see the baby frogs and the passion flowers looking so healthy, but ........ we can still see the brake pads, you know...... :o)

22 Jun, 2012


perhaps the frogs like the box to shelter in??

22 Jun, 2012


Soo cute ...The Froggies I mean ............and those passion flowers are something else ..have you tried counting the buds?????????? :o))

22 Jun, 2012


Can still see the watering cans too!!!!! Wonderful pics Stevie.

22 Jun, 2012


Great pics love the frogs..i can only see 3 in last pic :)

22 Jun, 2012


'...and we'll all stand together'! Great pictures. The pasion flower is amazing and can you send a few of those froglets my way to my 'pond'? Last Summer, I got a frog in the 'pond' that was even less of a 'pond' than this one - just an old tin dustbin lid, which I intended to plant up appropriately, but before I got chance OB mowed the grass and the'pond' filled up with grass clippings and turned all sludgy. Oh dear, thought I, will have to clean that out, only to discover that Froggy had already moved in. So then I had to leave well alone, having no wish to disturb him and send him packing. This year then, I bought a deeper trug-type thing, duly planted it up with aquatics and added marginals for shelter and a couple of stepping stones to facilitate entry and exit, oh and most importantly, a garden full of delicious slugs of every size, shape and hue and... nothing! No frogs, singular or plural. So, if they fancy a change of scene, even just a weekend break, they would be more than welcome.

22 Jun, 2012


Gorgeous passionflower Stevie! and those froggies are Sooooo cute!

22 Jun, 2012


Steve leave look like yours.

22 Jun, 2012


Those little froggies are amazing, great blog Stevie ;O)

22 Jun, 2012


Love this blog so much Stevie, How did you that? Flowers and buds are numerous , are you using some fertilizer? And the frogs , love them so much it gives me a luck!

23 Jun, 2012


Maybe you should change a name from Polycave to Passioncave, lol.
Wouldn't mind a frog or two in my garden. Got an idea - will stop tidying behind the pots next to the fence - and see what will happenes, lol

23 Jun, 2012


Love the hat!
And the frogs.
The snails....
and the passionflower aint bad too!

23 Jun, 2012


oops, forgot to click like!

23 Jun, 2012


Stickitoffeetastic comments folks, thanks : )

Lulu I forgot to add the reminder ; )

Junna, I did add my own compost in there when planting but aprt from that just water. The very mild start to the year and warm end to the year let them root in alot so good timing.

TB, well I guess nows the time of year to see if you can get some, if there a big pond around, all over round here so they will come over from the big pond and veg patch. They definately have kept the slugs down so far really well.

GM they are staying hehe!!
ND too many!!! and getting a new flower everyday (so you can imagine how many pics i'll be boring you with)

23 Jun, 2012


Brlliant love your blogs and your frogs ...and the passion flower:)

23 Jun, 2012


thanks Nana

24 Jun, 2012

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