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My name is Stephanie and I’m currently writing my bachelor thesis on the usage of grow lights and the online market for grow lights. In order to gain insight I have spoken to several persons on similar forums. I was getting alot of information and decided to make a tiny questonnaire. (By grow lights I mean any form of lighting used to help plants grow)

I would really appreciate if you can help me out by filling it in. It will take no more than 1 minute of your time. It does not matter if you do not use grow lights, your response is still helpful.

This is not being used for commercial purposes, just for my bachelor thesis.

Here is the link to the survey (copy and paste link)

Your response is highly appreciated!! Thank you in advance.

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Good luck with your Thesis. I do not use them but I am sure someone on here will be happy to have some input into them. Nice to meet you - what are you studying? Good luck in your searches anyway. :O)

10 Apr, 2013


Thank you so much Oliveoil! :)

I'm studying market research

10 Apr, 2013


Sounds interesting although I hate it when I get stopped in the street, always so busy rushing here there and everywhere that spending time to answer questions is not for me. But eh ho the best of luck with it all. Hope you find some answers. :O)

10 Apr, 2013


Sorry but I only just find the time for Goy, good luck with your thesis.....I don't use the grolights either, you maybe want professional growers rather than gardeners

10 Apr, 2013


i would love to have done market research i think its fascinating!

good luck, i havent used grow lights but i filled in the questionnaire anyway!

10 Apr, 2013


Like Sticki,I've never used growlights either but all the same I filled in your questionnaire.

11 Apr, 2013


Thanks so much everyone for filling it in. The research is coming along quite well. I'm so happy with everyone's cooperation. Still need a couple more to be filled in but I'm sure I'll get through. Thanks again!

15 Apr, 2013

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