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Strange one day heatwave coming up.


By stan510


Its been pleasant..about 65-70f lately. Nothing to brag about…just nice spring weather. Now, on Wednesday they are calling for a record hot day all over Northern California.
We may be seeing near 90f in the bay area.
10f cooler the next day- and Maybe rain by Friday…THAT is really Freaky Friday. None of this has happened and yet the local weatherman are amazed at the suddenness of changes in the weather from day to day…in the future-lol.

I know I thought the rains were done for the year. So,this is a bonus..rains,nights are mild,days are too. less week of watering.

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I'm still bemused (and slightly irritated) that the pundits here in the UK are now calling a pleasant Spring day a heatwave. It always used to mean temperatures in the high eighties and nineties so how can 17 or 18 degrees be a heatwave? Not only that we still had a chill wind here but that obviously doesn't count.

Strange the way words have changed over the years.

4 Apr, 2016


Its a ratings and attention grabber I suppose. It even sounds magical, "Heatwave" in a semi maritime climate like the S.F. bay area where 65f is the average for this time of year.
One day. Should be "a one hot afternoon wave"

5 Apr, 2016

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