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By stan510


Its been more then I can do I do in stages. Much pruning.
I had a school teacher knock on my door..she was open mouthed about my yard and was asking if she could have cuttings ? Perfect. I had just pruned that Ficus,Aloes too close to the sidewalk…the flowering Pestatis in my back yard..I was handing to her all I could-lol. She teaches grammar school and has a home in San Francisco. I told her they should all do great for her.

Today,repotting and moving things that no longer fit the spot. Oh!- I dug up an old Mother fern and put it in a pot. Something- cats or Possums would eat most of every years new growth..and leave me with skeleton like fronds. Yet,that fern had a big root system,and new croziers coming in. Aspleniums can be tough ferns. I’m hoping it will soon reach a good size,with normal fronds now. whoo- tired of it being a living lunch.
We have had plenty of rains..and its very nice to see shrubs flush with new growth after last end of summers limp to the finish line growth.
More to report later…

This is a Mexican tree fern,Cybotium,9 years old transplanted from a pot it had bent all out of shape into a 20 gallon Rubbermaid (you can see the fronds but not the pot when you are in the yard) black and 1/4 the cost of ceramic or epoxy pot. All Easter its been prune,repot pull weeds out of pots…and more to go.

More thrifty…Cycad had outgrown pot in background- falling over and damaging frond leaflets. Blue wasn’t my first choice- I already had this tote and drilled holes in it.
Keep blue or paint?

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At first I thought we were going swimming. I'm glad to hear your garden is in flush again and not the dust-bowl I thought it would be for lack of rain. At least she was polite enough to knock and ask rather then sneak in and help herself like I know some others to do.

24 Mar, 2016


Thanks Paul. It was very nice of her..she was a plant lover and I could tell,I was lucky she had no ulterior plan of raiding. I should have given her more...but we were chatting..I was handing out..and then she left.
Funny too? She had parked facing the wrong side of street.

28 Mar, 2016


She parked on the wrong side? That seals it, she's a plant lover!

28 Mar, 2016

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