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By stan510


Its a small one- larger one in Hayward. But this has artwork,murals and an Indian gentleman name Singh who has planted Indian herbs alongside the Latino herbs and Peppers.
Cloudy day. But on the opposite side of the garden is the greenbelt.Horses were out there. Always flocks of various birds. Even Deer in the day.

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Like this very much - its so very different! At first glance I thought Mr Singh had three legs, but mercifully he doesn't...What a brilliant artist!

9 Dec, 2015


ha!..The cloudy day didn't help. But,its been cloudy and will be that way for another week.
This is interesting for the murals. The other big community plot- an acre or so- is just plants and some..unique garden sculptures. Driving by that one I see a lot of Opuntia and Sugar Cane. I haven't been there for years to walk around and see.

10 Dec, 2015


Looks great and I love the murals

11 Dec, 2015


Really colourful. Just the stuff to cheer up a dark, dismal day, like today.

12 Dec, 2015


We have a multicultural area. Hayward has a new mosque with the middle east style garden..palms and roses with a Minurette in the background..
Thanks. Its fun to go around and take photos of whats the local flavor.

12 Dec, 2015


These murals remind me the ones in our little village here.
Murals are "big" fashion in Mexico since the famous Diego and Frida times. Lots of them of local gods and symbols like the ones in your picture. We have a great muralists in town and many people use them to embellish their facades. Therefore, the village is very colourful. It looks perfectly normal and charming here but it would be out of place on the Island.

13 Dec, 2015


In Hayward,its been the past decade or so steady funding for public murals. The history of the city is a big theme. The old orchards are a popular part of it.Wildlife is another and even a large Cinema mural ode to old Hollywood.
Even those electrical boxes on sidewalks? those are painted as various objects. Cars,old mailboxes.

So far- knock on wood- I haven't seen any graffiti scrawled over them. That's miraculous.

14 Dec, 2015


Interestingly the graffiti " artists" respecting the murals here as well.

15 Dec, 2015


We haven't got mural art but this Christmas all the bollards and lamposts in town have sported brightly coloured knitted coverings. I can't imagine who would spend hours and wool knitting clothes for posts but they do look nice and bright. Lately perhaps they would have been more comfortable in macintoshes...

15 Dec, 2015

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