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Uh,sorta my version of a Dog.


By stan510


Well,he’s peaceful. Only shows up at night. You can stand there and watch him eat- he or she doesn’t care. Gets along fine with cats. He will eat EVERYTHING the cats leave. He will eat every fish bone,leftover enchilada- anything.
I’m not sure about sweets. Those never seem to make it into the leftovers category. They don’t get past me.

So anyways,here’s the marsupial Possum.

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Very neighborly of you Stan but be careful in picking up those containers. Possums rarely get rabies but be careful.

15 Nov, 2015


Interesting - I thought the only marsupials were in Australia. I wonder how that happened evolution-wise?

15 Nov, 2015


They were all across Pangea and then the supercontinent tore apart and the pieces drifted. Along with these land masses floating on a sea of magma, upon them rode various marsupials (along with other various other plant and animal life forms) who adapted and continued to evolve or did not on their respective continental islands. Would anyone like a recipe for Possum Pot Pie? .....sorry Stan......

15 Nov, 2015


The wife said the same things about rabies. But,then again her favorite animal is the deep fried Tilapia-lol..

15 Nov, 2015


How gorgeous is he or is it she ? I don,t know much about possums are there a lot where you live? - enjoy your day - Jane

16 Nov, 2015


Possums have a low body temperature which rabies viruses don't find too hospitable to sustain themselves so that's why these marsupials rarely carry this disease. Still one has to be careful with any close contact with a wild animal directly or indirectly. One of my favorites is tilapia marinated in lemon juice.

16 Nov, 2015


Male or female doesn't matter, that is one cute visitor, thankyou for sharing your photo's Stan....

16 Nov, 2015


You're very welcome.

I,Jane see many of them. Sometimes mama Possum with little ones. I live one block from hills that quickly become green belt parklands. Raccoons,Hawks (one caught a poor sparrow at my birdbath,I turned the BB into a planter after that)
I once heard a ferocious growl outside. Might have been a mountain lion looking to catch the many feral cats around here.
Still,most of the time its less then a wild kingdom-lol.

17 Nov, 2015

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