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November,colder then it should be. I hate the time change.


By stan510


Do they do that in Canada or Europe? Its ridiculous that at 5pm its almost dark out. Why would people want it dark after they get home from work instead of getting the light when they can do things with it?

We in the bay area are having our first sub 50f (10c) nights. One so far,but after a Saturday of 82f,my tropical plants want to head south with only a 70 high temp more or less.

We did get on Monday the heaviest rains since February..another long wait.

We did have one large mudslide about 40miles from my home.

Back around 1850 California had a Mega El Nino that pounded it until a virtual lake had formed from Bakersfield in the south to Sacramento in the North- maybe more. It was an inland sea.
They say that kind of winter would be as bad or worse then a big earthquake. Uh,I would take the rain. Ive been in a large Earthquake in 1988 and I saw hanging plants outside swing like a pendulum from 3 to 9. My fishpond sent a mini tidal wave to the garden. I saw this as it happened.
Our rental cottage’s gas line broke underground. I will take rain.

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Here in Britain we put the clocks back at the end of october tooand are suddenly plunged into the dark.....
Lighting up time was just after 4.30pm, such a dark foggy day thst indoors we needed the lights well before 4pm.....

like you I dread it, such a sudden change, why we don't just follow the natural turn of the world I haven't a clue!

Being a lifelong Dr Who fan I know full well nothing good comes from messing with TIME 😲

4 Nov, 2015


Have to say I rather like the extra hour in bed in the morning...even it the effect doesn't last long.

4 Nov, 2015


I much prefer God's Time to the 7 months of so-called daylight saving/summer time that we have in the UK (and parts of Europe). There are only so many hours of daylight and, at UK latitude, within the next few weeks I will be going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark no matter what.
I haven't worn a watch for 20+ years and hardly use clocks (though at work I do set lots of reminders for events on an electronic diary so that I'm not late for meetings etc)

4 Nov, 2015


Doesn't work for me Stera....... 5.30 this morning 😕

4 Nov, 2015


I hate it It depresses me . Last year I watched where it was to do with Europe but mainly one little place in Scotland where their kids would be going to school in the dark.

The government here then puts out a health warning our kids and we dont get enough vitimin D which is affecting our health. I wonder why 😕

5 Nov, 2015


Instead of Spring forward and Fall back,I think it should be Fall forward-2 hours. Put all that dark in the morning.
Even better is just like Urbanite time and call it a day.

5 Nov, 2015


It was tried out in 1968 for a trial run and we left the clocks alone called it British Standard Time but reverted back in 1971 , think the powers that be decided it wasn't working...If I remember correctly the good ole British Public moaned about it then as well, you have to laugh don't you.....Not much light around here anyway as its still chucking it down...

5 Nov, 2015


Pam - 5.30? what's that? My OH is a late owl so we seldom get to bed before midnight and I need my eight hours...
I would rather come home in the dark than get up in the dark. Even the birds don't start to stir until dawn.
But whatever is decided you can't suit everybody - best just try to adapt. I'm just happy to be retired and not have to get up in the dark any more ...

5 Nov, 2015


I like that part as well Pam, I used to hate walking to work in the dark...

5 Nov, 2015


as I recall the double daylight saving was supposed to bring the UK to Central European Time but was (thankfully) thrown out because Greenwich Mean Time is an internationally recognised standard.
Also double daylight saving didn't have any extra benefits such as accident reduction and certainly didn't have much impact on energy savings but had a detrimental effect on school children who weren't getting a proper night's sleep because it was light so late at night.

5 Nov, 2015


I can remember them saying it had backfired because of the usage of lighting until lunchtime needed in schools, hospitals, offices and suchlike and too dark up in Scotland, not safe for children getting to school, as regards bedtime even in those days the majority of families would not have put the children to bed before 7pm , so that would have been a daft excuse. lol...

5 Nov, 2015

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