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Still Warm and Sunny. Also,dry.


By stan510


Its still about 80f per day. The weather people say that all the big El Nino’s never started until November,took a break in December..and just poured January -March.

To give you an idea,SF usually has 22inches of rain per year. In 1998-99 season they had 47inches of rain. I remember that of course across the bay because that’s when we passed Seattle for rain. Feb-March was rain every day. I would take the dog out for a walk to the local greenbelt parks and those little “dry creeks” were torrents. I recall a few nice trees I had admired over the years by the bank…died when logjams bashed the trunks.

What can I do? I can say we need it…but when it hits,and its unending chill and damp with no warm sunlight,Its then a drought of sunlight for me…

One strange sighting. A large patch of California Poppy’s in full bloom by railroad tracks. I cant figure why.

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That sounds even worse than Glasgow and we are famous for our rain. This summer was terrible for us but September and October have been lovely. You just never know what to expect.

21 Oct, 2015


Yes,it IS bad. Take away the need etc, and you're chin after 5 weeks of measurable rain EVERY day just rests on the small (and high) windowsill in a funk. Watching rain trickle down the window..ugh.
Do you know that it went on ,if not as heavy until mid May..then it stopped and it seemed to be 80f everyday from that point. Like a switch.
This winter might be another "Once in 500 years" rainy season.

22 Oct, 2015


it's needed to replenish the reservoirs, right? I saw some pics of a reservoir that was almost dry...and remembered that last spring the snow fall in the mountains was way below the necessary level to maintain supply of ground water. We've had a very mild October..outside of four days early in the month which had below zero temps and snow squalls! very strange. hope things "normalize". this strong El Nino is supposed to dissipate by January, here in the East... with frigid temps, like last winter, following it. My fear is that we will lose all our snow cover and my poor perennials will be bare of cover when the serious cold starts... We had winter right into this past June and things took a long time to apples or tree nuts either. It's going to be a hungry winter for the deer and bears.

25 Oct, 2015


Locally Lori I read in the paper that Canada and Russia stood to gain the most from Global Warming. The farther south,the more GW starts to work against the climate.
Yes,on another board they have told me that in the eastcoast its not Dec or Jan cold as much as the February freezes as plants start spring growth..well,like you said.

I know,I did well this summer with drought. But another year is really going to ruin some of the best gardens in the bay area. Stressed plants will be upped by dead plants.

25 Oct, 2015


haven't heard anything on here for a while now from our friend in Alaska... things are changing there too and not for the better, so I heard. Hope you get your needed rain...perhaps you can find one of those headlamp thingys that they wear in Alaska to counteract the days of darkness. ;-) keep smilin'

29 Oct, 2015


Yeah- with a gaslamp? -wink. Off the grid...

82 yesterday Lori,now its clouded up and welling up for rain Monday. I hope.

2 Nov, 2015


Here I am in the tropics! It's a balmy day today...temps in the high teens C. our weather is just loony! It's November for heaven's sake! We have had our first snow (which stays on the ground) circa Nov. 17th for the last three years... wonder if things are going to change quickly?

5 Nov, 2015

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