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Bad September luck.


By stan510


A major plumbing was needed for our rental,the cost.
Then the next week- PC and TV conked out. Both old..but amazingly they died the same exact day.
The PC was 11 years old…but I dont think it failed. It was hacked and vandalized. All roads to the internet were deleted including all the system restore files. Gone.
So,We are using the front room Tv now. And of course I’m using a device to do this. The TV? the old one was a 2009 Model..lots of problems with it I actually diagnosed the bad capacitor once and had somebody put a new one in..last year. Nothing last now- a- days.

What gets me is..I cant remember hardly the passwords for all the internet boards. Slowly they come to me- I must have typed “Stan” 10 times before I went to email address…and there I was Stan510!…arghh
We got a bit of rain today..light but big drops. Cool day. No more then 65f and I used a sweatshirt for the first time since April? March?
So,there will be a temporary stoppage of uploading photos.

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Disheartening how bad things all seem to happen at the same time.

Try and be positive! When you're down the only way is UP!

Do you have access to Freecycle sites in your area? People often give away working TV's and even PC's. They may not be the latest models but they work.

We gave away a 42 inch fish tank and stand last week! Great condition. We needed the space and bought a smaller tropical fish set-up.

1 Oct, 2015


Some charity shopshere ,maybe thrift shops in the US specialise in refurbishing electrical goods......
maybe you had a power surge?
hope you soon get sorted, here we say things always come in threes!

1 Oct, 2015


Horrid when it all happens at once but think how nice it will be when its been replaced with new ones...

1 Oct, 2015


AH!..great advice. The thrift store!..why didn't that come to me? All things at the same time- stress.
Thanks all of you. I'm now know what today's shopping will be-lol...

1 Oct, 2015


I hope you get them replaced at a reasonable price Stan. What rotten luck.

1 Oct, 2015


I write anything important on sticky labels and stick them on my computer desk.

2 Oct, 2015


I now have a PC again. It has quirks to it. I guess I will have to fiddle with it to get the bugs out.

3 Oct, 2015

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