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Goodbye Barbara Karst.


By stan510


I planted her about 30 years ago or more. Over the years she’s developed a tree sized trunk,and makes passing by going up the stairs a burden to keep her non stabbing with those wicked thorns.
The final straw is that the surrounding tree’s now cast so much shade,Barbara only blooms on long,long stems. Messy and covers the smaller choicer plants around her.

Now,she’s gone and it makes me feel like I have a big front yard- ha. It also will allow the Chamaedorea seifrizii palm under it to now fill in. THAT is people friendly planting.

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rip BK

11 Aug, 2015


It was a neophyte mistake to plant it near the stairs. But,at the time it was a twig. What did I know?

She gave her best. Times change.

11 Aug, 2015


Wherever we live, its best to learn about a plant/tree before buying. Plant labels are not always correct.
I have been preaching about the problems caused by Bamboo. A lot of trees have long roots and should not be planted near to the foundations of a house. I have just been struggling to get the roots of a Clematis out of a large pot, it was massive. I also put wild Iris plants into a
Ceramic pot. Boy did they make it their home, permanently.
I would have needed the hammer to smash it, to get them out, had to leave them.
Good luck Stan. Wish we had more members writing to
Goy from USA, more interesting gardening with the time zone problems you have.

12 Aug, 2015


Thanks Diane!

15 Aug, 2015


Job well done Stan..

23 Aug, 2015


I thought this was an obituary notice! Reminded me of when we moved into our home. We overheard our neighbour in her garden :

" I think we ought to dig up Veronica and bury her over there.".

For an awful while we thought we had killers living next door!

1 Oct, 2015

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