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I saved a baby bird today.


By stan510


I’m painting my concrete pathways in my backyard and I hear the birds all excited making noises up in the Podocarpus trees. Then,I saw about 4,5? little birds sort of land on a driftwood I have. Out of nowhere,my little white feral cat- (years old now,and I still can’t touch her,but when she cant find the other female…she comes to me talking away. She’s afraid to be alone) grabs one bird in her mouth,just so smooth,it was like her jaws were a magnet to the little bird. So,I did what most would do..AHHHH!!! NOOOOOO!!!..and I went tripping over my plants ,knocking over my potted rare Mexican tree fern…then she dropped the bird.

It looked perplexed,but hopped away from me – then took to the air. It was young,but old enough to have good sized wings.

Later,the cat looked at me as innocent as can be. I did the squint your eyes thing,to calm cats down..It worked,she blinked back and sort of hung around me as I went back to painting.

I noticed a few days ago a young Robins were too close for their own good to the other cat who isn’t much of a birder,lucky for them. The Robins were eating the fallen Sapote fruit. I watched to make sure they were not disturbed by cat.

Young and dumb…goes for birds too.

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Well done you! Saving just one bird might make all the difference. I know feral cats have to eat too, but somehow I can live with the idea of the one we see sometimes,
eating the pigeons or baby rabbits, when it comes to Robins or Blue-tits, it's a definite no-no! Lots of dashing about like you waving my arms like a lunatic and shouting - thank goodness we don't have too many neighbours!

3 Jun, 2015


Lovely pictures in my head of Goyers trampling the garden ,arms like windmills.....well done xxx

3 Jun, 2015


Whats funny too? Once i saw the bird fly away..I couldn't figure how I hopped over and around the plants to get there-lol.
My wife and a friend inside the house were wondering what catastrophe happened with all the shouting? I saved a baby bird I told them-lol.

3 Jun, 2015


Well done. Its a big drawback with cats but you can't stop them can you? Ours brought in a baby woodpecker today - so very sad. it was quite dead, so nothing to be done. But she does catch vermin too so its not all downside. i enjoyed the picture of you stumbling over everything to go to the rescue!

3 Jun, 2015


I love happy ending stories. Well done Stan. Is your Mexican tree fern OK?

3 Jun, 2015


I did do a sort of "What have I done?" take,when I saw the fern on its side. Turned out to be fine.
I have no paths it was Twister time to get back to the patio. I still don't remember if I came back the same way I got there-lol.

4 Jun, 2015


We're all the same it seems, I'm a dab hand at the windmill dance with or witout a handy broom, lol, well done Stan...

10 Jun, 2015


Thanks!..I also am the type that catches spiders trapped in the tub and releases them back to the wild. Well,my backyard. Same for Craneflys.
What did they teach in grammar school? Spiders are good...It stuck!

11 Jun, 2015


I'm as bad - been known to rescue little flies drowning in the pond...

11 Jun, 2015


Lol,-Yeah,rescuing bee's..

Sometimes I did I just happen to go to the pond just moments after something fell in?

12 Jun, 2015


They probably fall in all the time - not meaning to distress you...

12 Jun, 2015

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