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April Cools.


By stan510


I had a feeling that April would be a total opposite of a just too warm March. We might get rain Sunday night,then a second bigger storm Monday night- up to a 1" of rain. A deluge for us who are used to tenths or even hundredths.
Meanwhile,just going over what I have and wondering how to cut water use. Bigger saucers under them is one way. And large pots. Bad in winter when over sized pots can cause sour soil,in summer that’s close to impossible here.

How strange our weather ? December was the wettest December we have ever had- a record breaker. The end of March had the lowest snowpack ever recorded for the season 6". In 2011 it was 187" by comparison and pre drought.
Today,I found cacti that have rotted at the base because of December’s rains and weed growth. Today,I had to soak my shady backyard because all the ferns- including largeish Tree Ferns, had badly wilted.
Oh boy. Its going to be an interesting summer. Its gonna take much thought…

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Sounds like a gardeners nightmare - best of luck with it! How about some plastic ferns....

4 Apr, 2015


Thanks. It rained today as predicted by the predictors.
Did I mention that we actually had an average to better then average rainy season? So,its verdant green here. Yet people in certain quite upscale areas are now down to a gallon an hour from wells or plotting where to get water.
All because its been warm rains that don't make a big snowpack.
Green as Ireland right now!

5 Apr, 2015


You are not kidding, we have in CT. no sign of spring, April5, and still snow on the ground. There are a few snowdrops, but that is it. Still in the low 40's. Spring will come with a blast right into summer...Maybe, who knows as you say, it will be a challenge for the nurseries and the Goys living in the climate change.

8 Apr, 2015

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