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stay away from Palram harmony 6x8 greenhouse


By srednim


Just recently bought Palram Harmony 8×6, instuction are not very good, metal parts fit most times some do not line up very good, diagonal braces are as much use as chewing gum, worst parts are Virtually Unbreakable Polycarbonate clear Panels, I had to trim most to fit, this is called excessive flash in the industry, bad moulding or worn tooling, the noise and flexing they make in the wind, it is noise abuse to your ears, I can even hear it inside, go for glass or twin wall poly, this noise is in june, I am not looking forward to winter, if its not the noise that gets me, its the thought of no panels left one morning, hope this helps wish I had not bought this, wonder who tested this before it went on sale ?.

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Presumably you've complained to the company? Maybe it was just a faulty one and they might replace or refund? Worth a try.

23 Jun, 2013


How very disappointing - doesn't it drive you mad when something doesn't live up to the ads? Yes, complain - can't do any harm and you never know.

23 Jun, 2013


I would send details to your local Trading Standards
Never buy a greenhouse. Too many thrown out by
non-gardeners. Can be found for free if you can collect.

24 Jun, 2013

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