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Eucalyptus Tree


By slc1


Can anyone tell me why my recently bought Eucalyptus tree, has some pinky leaves on it? It is growing well but at the the lower part of the tree there are branches with the pinky leaves? Am I doing something wrong?

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I think this is really one for the question page, slc1 - but never mind.

Welcome to Eucalyptus is a mature specimen, and does get pinky-looking leaves which die and fall. I'm wondering if that's what's happening to your tree?

Otherwise, as the weather has been so dry, have you given the new tree enough water?

19 Jul, 2010


Thank you! Ooops!! I have been watering it due to the dry weather. It is growing but just don't know whether to cut the thin branches with the pinky leaves off or not?

19 Jul, 2010


I wouldn't. Leave it and keep watering it weekly in dry weather.

19 Jul, 2010

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