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have my own login :o)


Hi I’am Victoria and I wrote a blog about the Harrogate spring fair on behalf of my mum.
She bought me some Arisaema tubers and they were £2.50 each. That’s expensive apparently. Is it?
I potted them up as mum instructed.

I’m not very patient but when I saw a red spike in one pot I was overjoyed. TBH I’d not looked for a while, oops!

There are roots in the other 3 put no above soil growth. [there is a proper name for this but wont admit to mum that I have forgotten it. ;o) ]

The pot was put on the pond wall and watched and watered.

This is what it looks like tonight.

The slugs and snails seem to ignore it, but not mums pansies haha. Its okay mum it had a flying lesson into the field beyond.

Just thought I’d let you see Honey and Poppy having a snuggle. Poppy is my fatty grumpy [joking Poppy] lop rabbit. Honey is big sis’s Dwarf Dutch .

Hope you like my first proper blog. Back to a critic of Macbeth for English homework :o((

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Hello Victoria we have them now planted up in pots in the walled garden project of Glamis Castle,

They are an interesting plant.

2 Jul, 2013


Hi Victoria, lovely blog, very interesting looking plant, love those rabbits!

2 Jul, 2013


Hi Victoria,
Great first blog,and lovely plants and Rabbits too..:o) I'm glad to hear you are watching out for Slugs and snails for your mum,she sounds as though she needs a helping hand this year! Good luck with Macbeth..:o)

2 Jul, 2013


Glad to hear your plants are growing for you. Your mum's greenfingers are obviously in the genes.
Your bunnies are so very cute too.
We will he waiting on regular updates from you :)

2 Jul, 2013


Great blog Victoria, love this plant! Cute bunny pics and a bit of drama thrown in with MacBeth at the end - keep up the blogging!

2 Jul, 2013


Same here. I think gardening is much more interesting
than Shakespeare !

3 Jul, 2013


Ah worked it out!.......
Well its a bit early and I hadn't had my coffee.......

I enjoyed you writing the Harrogate blog and this one, will look forward to anything else you do x

We did macbeth too many years ago to remember.......
The school took us.....all girls.... to the RSC at Stratford. Not to see the "scottish play" but Corialanus and we fell asleep, if you can find one of the open air theatres like the one in Stamford, Tolethorpe Hall, they are much more fun!

3 Jul, 2013


hope macbeth is finished. :o)

thankyou for flicking the slug. horrid things.

well done Victoria. we will have to sort you an avatar pic.

3 Jul, 2013


Lovely blog, please keep them coming...

3 Jul, 2013


Your blog is very interesting :o) Congratulations on growing the tubers. They look impressive. I hope mum is proud of you ...
I love your bunnies :o)

3 Jul, 2013


Hi Victoria, great blog and boy could I cuddle those adorable bunnies.

3 Jul, 2013


Honey is a cute gentle thing, but mine is a grumpy thing and lets you cuddle her only when she wants you too. Mum says just like me :o)

This one plant has grown well but the others haven't come above the soil. I must ask mum if they will still come out. I do hope so.

Macbeth is done now have to do Lord of the flies.

thankyou for all the encouragement

3 Jul, 2013


well there are roots in the pots and very small shoots on all of them.
ask tonight and I'll show you have to have a nosey. :o)

4 Jul, 2013

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