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Popping up again!


Everything is changing and things are beginning to look like Spring is on the way, at last. This is the first time I have been on GoY since 6th February.
What a lovely surprise to find so many responses – I couldn’t believe it. Yes all the 3 kittens are happily settling in their new homes and our daughter Jan has seen the mother cat wandering about the farm but she is no longer searching for her kittens, just hunting rats and mice. Probably not too many of them as the ‘rat man’ cometh regularly to set poison for them.
We have snowdrops along the sides of the roads and the trees have tinges of colour where the buds are growing on the tips of the boughs. I haven’t been able to go for any walks but I get reports of the sights and sounds along the River Gelt which is close to the farm and a favourite walk for them all, including our little Greatgrandson when he is there with the family while his mummy is at work. They also take the dog, Poppy, a black labrador, and I envy them the exhilaration of walking over the frosty or snow covered fields down to the the sparkling river adorned with giant stalactites hanging from the branches.

I have lost a whole chunk of this blog – who knows where it has gone? One only has to touch a button and ‘poof’ away it goes. Rather sad after a lot of hard work searching for the photos I wanted to show. Ah well, another time perhaps.
It went haywire when I crept out into the garden to see what was going on. I found some primroses in flower and there are pansies in pots on the porch. However, the severe winter has not been kind to many of the small shrubs nor to the pot plants that we bought because they were supposed to be evergreen and hardy. I can see we shall have to change quite a lot of things this year.
Indoors I have grown several hyacinths in lovely glass pots but a few failed to come to anything although they started well. At present our second bowl of Narcissi is at the point of flowering and the ‘mystery’ plant that began my involvement with GoY – the celebrated Plectranthus Fruticosus, is shooting out flowers once again but not in such profusion as the first time. I have been awake since 4:15 this morning and as I am nodding off now I shall end this blog and may do another if I find the photos I want. Those attached are taken by daughter Jan and it is she walking across the field.
Hope this humble effort gives some pleasure.

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yes isnt it lovely to see the signs of spring.....sorry you lost some of the blog..

1 Mar, 2010


Well you lost some of your blog and I`ve managed to put pics on twice and don`t know how to get rid of them, never mind it all adds to the fun. By the way enjoyed your two pictures and its nice to see hints of things to come.

1 Mar, 2010


lovely blog and good photos.

1 Mar, 2010


hi lyn lovely blog and pics even though you lost some, springtime is just round the corner :o)

1 Mar, 2010


Did you have a sunny day? I hope you did - it lifted our spirits! :-)

1 Mar, 2010


Nice to hear from you again.
I had to smile when you said about loosing part of the blog. It's reassuring to know I'm not the only one it happens to. But in my case it is down to lack of concentration and daydreaming lol :o)

2 Mar, 2010

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