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the greenhouse clear up


Over the Easter break OH suggested I clear the greenhouse and give it a really good clean. So out came all the plants and the pots etc.

These plants from in front of the greenhouse had to be shifted too so I could clean the glass right to the bottom.

In went the soft brush, pressure sprayer and power washer. Out came the tin of Jeyes fluid and a suitable strength mixed up. Now the greenhouse is 20′ × 8′; originally to 10×8s that OH fastened together: so quite a lot of space.

5 hrs later I was wet and smelly but the glass was lovely and clean, the moss was gone and OH had oiled/greased the sliding doors so they open with a light touch.

Next morning after the floor [the back 1/4 is paved so staging can sit easily on it] had dried I swept up any remaining soil/rubbish that had collected at that side. I spotted a brown thumb sized thing in the rubbish. I picked it up and squealed with shock [I’m not usually a wuss] it moved in my hand. On closer inspection I realised it was a chrysalis. But of what?

Well after a lot of checking I have identified it as an elephant hawk moth. they feed on Epilobium, the small weedy one E roseum that is in large numbers behind the greenhouse. So I am pleased this ‘dead area’ wasn’t weeded.

We [youngest daughter & I] have put it in a shallow tray of damp compost and leaf litter in the shed. Every day we check it and it is very active. We are hoping that when it hatches out we will be able to release it outside.

As for the green house, well most of the plants are outside now and I am getting ready to sort the toms and peppers so they can go in the soil beds.

I cant wait to get more plants in there :o)

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Your glass gleameth! Great job!

13 Apr, 2016


You've worked wonders on that Sbg and to top it off a new pet installed I'm hoping we see photos when it hatches , My greenhouse is in need of a good going over but not yet its still full of little seedlings .

13 Apr, 2016


I now have clean greenhouse envy! Great job!

13 Apr, 2016


WOW!!! So thats what is under all my moss, I'm afraid mine wont get that treatment until I have finished with my bedding plants, I always tackle that job when they can come out or at least move down to my bottom g'house, then the staging comes down and the cleanup gets done, know what you mean about getting soaked and smelling of Jeyes, its a delightful perfume..
Seaburn I have to admit I am a big wuss, no way could I do what you are doing, butterflies I love, moths I'm petrified of as well as spiders, pleased to say I've seen lots of ladybirds and bees in the garden this past week...

13 Apr, 2016


Great stuff, very well done - quite a Mammoth job there. How nice to find the potential elephant hawk moth - they are fantastic caterpillars, we found one once and couldn't think what it was. They like fuchsias and willowherbs. I hope yours hatches!

13 Apr, 2016


the willow herbs are in abundance round the back of the greenhouse. that's the E roseum.

14 Apr, 2016


Well done you, you can have a reward sticker for that mammoth effort!! 🙂

I have once seen an elephant hawk moth emerge from a chrysalis and it was beautiful - fabulous colours. Good luck with it.

14 Apr, 2016


Well done to you, SB! I'd give you a fancy badge as well but I can't do from the computer! You well deserve a big gold medal for tackling all that glass surface all on your own! (when you come round to collect your medal, would you do ours on the allotment? it's a littl'un, 6X8, so it will only take you a jiffy! LOL!)

Seriously as soon as we get some decent warm weather I really have to go down & do it.

14 Apr, 2016


thanks for all the 'well done's'. it makes such a dirty task all the more worth while.

the chrysalis is still alive and fingers crossed. it did make me squeal when it moved so not surprised they freak people out. After all I am used to handling all sorts of living/non living things.

errr sorry Balcony not in to masochism. one greenhouse is enough.

15 Apr, 2016


LOL! :-))

17 Apr, 2016


It's my turn clean the greenhouse out but, should be a quicker job as its only a baby at 6x6' and only a year old so not too bad for moss/algae.
And, just as I don't want to be left's a couple of caterpillars....well, I couldn't find a chrysalis!!! 🐛🐛

18 Apr, 2016


haha paul but they are centipedes haha. lets hope their many legs help you in your endeavours.

the chrysalis is still alive so we have our fingers crossed for its emergence.

don't over heat in there though will you ?

19 Apr, 2016

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