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Annual summer border [2]... And then the postman said.....


To say I can hardly move a day after the marathon concrete session yesterday is putting it mildly.

Well its 2 weeks since we did the first efforts of digging out all the soil and placing the edging kerbs in. The Monday after that OH did the two ends all by himself.

Friday I came home to find 2 bags of sand and gravel.

So we set too at 9am and by 10.30 [first of the coffees drunk and empties sitting on the recycle bin!] we had a good bit done. This was the widest bit and it was a struggle to find a plank long enough to tamp it all down.

By midday we were breaking its back or should that be it was breaking ours! :o)

And then the postman wandered down the drive and said that’s a sharp corner. Hope I don’t fall off the path!

We had a laugh and OH suggested we gave it a corner triangle. So more digging out and another bit of kerb later….

By 5pm it was all done and sheeted over to keep any rain and the local moggies/foxes off.
I had a quick wander around looking at all the gardening I need to do and found these ‘beauties’.

They met a squished end before I headed off to a warm bath and a relaxing evening.

I still have to cut the 18" wide border but I just couldn’t face it today. I took my youngest pre Christmas shopping instead. Gardening did sort of happen; I potted up bulbs for the border next spring.

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Hi Sbg, looks like a lot of work, but a job well done, the corner will look much better when it's concreted, Derek.

17 Nov, 2013


It's taking shape nicely :o) The border will come. It's better to take some time and do it properly.

17 Nov, 2013


yes snoop, slugs too :o)

The corner is all done Derek the camera battery went flat after the lily beetle photo.

Yes I agree Hywel but I just couldn't face it and my poor back! I like cutting borders as you know from the 'stealing grass' activities over the years. :o)

17 Nov, 2013


Looks really good, Sbg. No wonder you decided not to carry on with the border!

17 Nov, 2013


I can not understand why people think concrete is ugly. I love my concrete drive. When the edge is softened with plants it will look great. Have you planned what to do with the spare slabs.I think I might have been tempted to carry the concrete alongside the path too. We laid our paths two foot wide and I often say if only we had thought about it three or four foot would have made such a difference. Now we shy away from major work like this so we are stuck with them. Well done your OH.

17 Nov, 2013


the slabs arent fixed SG they were spares and used to help keep levels etc. they will go back behind the garage until we know what we want to do with them.
I still ache today but easing off. :o)

18 Nov, 2013


A good tip when you are doing heavy work like this, is to take an aspirin before you start work. It works for us.

18 Nov, 2013


not if you are allergic to them it doesn't :o)

I didn't really start to suffer until the last hour and then afterwards.
feeling ok tonight. ;o)

18 Nov, 2013


My old Dad had a tip for a hangover that was similar to that - take the painkiller before the headache! (It was passed on by a colleague - Dad didn't often have hangovers, I promise!)

18 Nov, 2013


Blinking heck you guys have been busy, great job - well done! :O)

19 Nov, 2013


I'm glad to hear your recovery has been quick. I did not realise you could be allergic to aspirin. I can't take paracetamol and it is in every other painkiller on the market.

19 Nov, 2013


yes SG and it is a concern if I ever have a heart attack as the first thing they tend to do is give you aspirin. I do have one of those medi alert things but often don't wear it [yes I know.....]

Frosty this morning but it has cured quite well so shouldn't have any problems with it.
My back is bet to normal too ;o)

19 Nov, 2013


I can see you are itching to get on.

19 Nov, 2013


Made me tired just looking at the photos...well done.

19 Nov, 2013


I can't wait to see the finished 'new-look'! It does look like an awful lot of concrete at the moment, but I guess you'll soften the 'look' soon. Is the idea of all this to get both cars side by side?

Red Perils at this time of year? How horrible...<shudder>...why doesn't the cold kill 'em off? Grrr....

21 Nov, 2013


Pleased to find someone else who can't have aspirin!
Your drive looks so professional and it will be great to see the border when you've finished it! It makes me feel tired just thinking about the amount of heavy work involved! I hope the postman will be pleased with his corner piece!

21 Nov, 2013


An awful lot of heavy work went into that drive but once it's completely dry it will last a great many years & always be useful - even if you don't have cars any longer.

A few plants growing over the edges will help to reduce the "hard look" & soften the edges, integrating it in to the garden.

21 Nov, 2013


I hope to do an 18" wide border with low growing annuals in the summer. miniature daffs and tulips possibly crocus and iris reticulate in the spring and pansies/primulas etc in the autumn. well that's initial thoughts.

OH really reckons able to drive both vehicles out at any time without doing the car shuffle. If he needed to get out before me I'd have to shift my car for him to get out etc. of course it is also a 'dry dock' for his latest toy!

OH would have dug it up if it hadn't looked the part. he is a perfectionist in everything he does.[no belay that, when it comes to housework he isn't haha] The only thing I have been able to do better than him was 'have the girls' :o)

I might get the spade out tomorrow.........

22 Nov, 2013

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