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Another successful plant sale.


Twice a year our village has a garden mart, where 4-6 people/groups sell plants for a range of good causes. This time I have donated profits 50:50 to the local Hospice and the Macmillan nurses.

Luckily I live in the next street to the village hall so I was able to take the plants round last night.

I was able to have 2 tables and after an hour or so I had the table arranged to show the plants off to their best.

I am pleased to say that I have grown all the plants either from bulbs, seeds or divisions.
The cheapest were 20p for seedling raised annuals such as cornflowers, 50p for seed raised perennials such as hollyhocks.

The prices had to include the cost of the pots as well as the compost and the bulbs/corms. Luckily I am not on a water metre so I didn’t have to factor that into it. My most expensive plants were £4 and surprisingly they sold quickly.

My daughter came and helped too and at the end of 3 hours we had sold over 180 plants and made £129.60p.
The worst bit is taking the plants we didn’t sell back to the garden. A few more opportunities to sell plants in the next couple of months though.

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Hi Sbg, pity I don't live near you, I could have got all the plants I need from that lot, well done, Derek.

11 May, 2013


Thanks Derek. I really enjoy propagating plants.

11 May, 2013


Wish I had known that the sale was on as id have bought a few
If you have any perenials left please let me know ! I am very interested !

11 May, 2013


Well done,Sbg..a nice sum to donate to your charities again..and nice when your daughter helps as well..I'm sure you will sell the rest of your plants..:o)

11 May, 2013


Well done from me too! It's good to give something isn't it. I suggested a similar sale at our Residents Association to raise funds for the Childrens Christmas party. It was shrugged off - maybe I should show them this blog!!

11 May, 2013


What a wonderful collection - how hard you must have worked to put on such a great display. I too wish it had been within reach. Did you mean you deduct the price of pots etc from the profits?

11 May, 2013


That is sad Scottish. Plant sales are the best place to
expand our plant collections, especially when some have
been lost during the winter.

12 May, 2013


That's wonderful ! I wish there was something like that near here. I would definately sell some plants for a good cause ...

12 May, 2013


Are there any charities in Ammanford? They might jump at the chance to have a sale organised for them, and they might find a site too.

12 May, 2013


Thanks for the comments folks.
That's a shame Scottish. Suggest it again but for May time when people often have spare plants they have raised from seed etc.
Steragram I factor in the price of the pots etc when deciding on how much to charge for the plant and yes this is then deducted from the total takings. This way the buyers get good plants at a reasonable price and I can then give money to the charities. I enjoy growing and this way I can help two charities close to my heart.

There are not that many near us, at one time church fetes were always having plant stalls.

12 May, 2013


Great work, Sbg & I echo Bloomer's view, that you'll sell the rest no probs!
You've also got old Mouldy thinking, you & Scottish.
I'd have similar probs with my tightwad housing association, but if I was to suggest a gardeners' co-op, or to just start one (Well, there's no law against it. Lol) I'm sure others could be persuaded to hand over a proportion of the sales.
Bring in the local press & a very accomodating MSP & I'm sure the association could be shamed into a donation.
Also to giving us somewhere (Like their nice big boardroom, me thinks) to hold future sales.
Yeah, I like the way you ladies think & to look at you both, who'd believe that butter would ever melt in your mouths.
I mean, look at the subtle way you've now got me plotting & scheming. ;-)

12 May, 2013


Good luck Mouldy - nice to see you have a very accommodating MSP. Ours doesn't know my village exists ;)

12 May, 2013


Oh, she doesn't yet know.
She holds surgery at an old folks day centre, where I do a bit of voluntary work.
She seems well-regarded, which tells me she cares.
That's good enough for me.
When I approach her I'll give her the option of refusing, but will add that if she's too busy I can speak to the local MP, instead.
Me, playing off elected dignitaries?
Oooh, what an outrageous suggestion! ;-)

12 May, 2013


Nearly missed this one Seaburn, well done on all your efforts, doesn't seem long since your daughter was carting last years efforts in the barrow, they say time flies when having fun...

21 May, 2013


thats what she said haha!
thanks for your comments though lincslass

22 May, 2013

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