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Another revamp part 2.


Well what a start to the new year. Like most of the country we have had snow. In total 3 weeks of a blanket that made sure I wouldnt be able to get on and dig.

The ‘baby’ enjoying the snow in her onesie, the green bags are sitting on the conifer bed. At least the bird feeders are in clear view.

Found these tracks on the Saturday and spotted a fox the following day and [s]he left identical tracks.

Wondered if I’d get out yesterday as we had another sprinkling of snow.

This is it at 3pm when I stopped for a coffee break. just 1/4 left to dig then it is ready for the hard edges. The concrete slab in the middle is where the birdbath will be repositioned again. OH has ordered the stone cutting discs to cut up the paving slabs to go round the edges prior to me setting Victorian rope edging tiles in.

Ordered an 8ft arch to stradle the middle of the bed, probably in front of the birdbath. I have Rosa Zephrine Douaine and Clematis Ladybird Johnson already and I have bought another 2 evergreen Clematis to train up it.

I have bought a few shrubs ready to go in and I know I will be digging in lots of beech leaf mould to alter the acidity of the soil to suit the conifers.

Leucothoe fontanesiana ‘Rainbow’

Pinus mungo ‘ophir’ a replacement for one from the original bed. less than 1ft tall but grew to 4.5ft in 15yrs, so it will go to the back of the bed.

Next to it C pissefiera ‘sungold’, another replacement of a shrub that also grew to 5ft from a small specimen like this one. Just towards the top Skimmia ‘Kew Green’

A better view of the skimmia, in the greenhouse that is groaning with plants waiting to get out.

Hoping to get out next weekend to finish the digging but OH is at Kielder Resevoir on a boat training trip. Rather him than me.

The pet rabbits were also let out onto the grass, yes they are on leads! They had a great romp and nibble of fresh grass.

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Isn't it exciting ...a new bed and arch to play with. I'm really looking forward to seeing it when it's done Sbg. So pleased the snow has gone and it seems to be drying out a bit here too. Perhaps I shouldn't tempt fate. Lovely rabbits too:-)

3 Feb, 2013


I love that zephryn drouhin rose, the scent is gorgeous.

3 Feb, 2013


she is thornless too by all accounts. cant say i'd noticed sticki.

the rabbits are cute but they do like to dig so OH not overly keen on them being on the grass BA.

4 Feb, 2013


Thornless as well?! I might have to get one although they don't grow that well in my garden.

4 Feb, 2013


Oh SBG, I'd kill for a garden as big as yours. My little postage stamp is far too small. You lucky girl, being able to create a completely new feature bed, I shall wait with baited breath to see the outcome.
Love the bunnies :) I had a friend who used to take hers for a walk down country lanes on a lead. They got some very funny looks I can tell you!

4 Feb, 2013


Pleased to see you have your garden uncovered again, the reports keep threatening more snow and rain but I`m looking on the bright side and hoping it comes to nothing but a threat, lol.
I think you have my style of gardening, full but not a parade ground and lots of places of interest to investigate, your description of the new bed sounds good and in a great position for you to admire, so will be looking out for the pics when its all sorted, gosh your greenhouse is busy and all are very healthy looking, I`m afraid mine are still nearly bare, a few fuschias and a couple of nearly empty seed trays, I`m hoping to get out this week to give the insides a wash and scrub up before I start..
Love the photo of the rabbits enjoying a bit of freedom and your "baby" looks very snug in her outfit, lol..........

4 Feb, 2013


the conifer bed was originally organised 2 weeks before my/her confinement. she has certainly fared better than the bed :o)

4 Feb, 2013


Your garden will be wonderful this year with the plants and the bunnies :o)

Added to GoYpedia.

4 Feb, 2013


Lots to look forward to. I hope the weather allows you to get your plants out soon. I am positively champing at the bit, although I have had a few odd hours outside. On close inspection, the amount of new growth is so exciting!

4 Feb, 2013


Its all looking very promising. January flashed by so it should not be too long until the better weather reaches us humans. The beds are bursting into life everywhere and the gales and snow came back with a vengeance this afternoon. It is only an inch deep so we are lucky compared to other areas. Your rabbits are lovely and I do like your large roomy greenhouse. You have lots in it. I planted a Pinus mugo mughus 30 + years ago and it has been kept small by annual pruning. Its only about 3' now. Thinking back to your earlier blog on taking advice about plants versus doing your own research this is one area where you can't afford not to. Trees may well be described as miniature or dwarf with a height given for ten years time. What they fail to tell you is that it takes that length of time to settle in and then it takes off at a rattling great pace to try and reach its mature height. I'm looking forward to seeing this area planted up.
ps. smashing arch.

4 Feb, 2013


Thanks for the words of encouragement and the lovely compliments. The garden is well over half shade from the large beech hedge visible in the photo. its kept to about 16ft high by OH. the actual owners of it dont maintain it as it doesnt impact on them.
I never pruned the Pinus as it was a lovely shape and I didnt want to spoil it. But it said 3ft in 10years and I suppose it did no more than that. It would still be there if it werent for snow damage. So a shame really but the bed is now slightly bigger and fun to be had.

We had a cm of snow this morning then a really bad snow storm this pm that become sleet then rain. Its windy too. The rabbits are already bedded down for the night. They are in an outdoor hutch with lots of straw and a cover. the proverbial 'snug as a bug'.

5 Feb, 2013


really fed up with the snow. it is blowing a gale, snowing and thundering. It is so wet its not laying . yet!

I so want to get in the garden now. feeling really truculent.

6 Feb, 2013


daughter on half term so I got in the garden and finished digging all the roots out of this bed.
Now just need OH to sort out the edging slabs/tiles.

11 Feb, 2013

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