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Encouraging signs of spring.


After half a day of digging I decided to sit on the tree swing, left over from my daughters’ childhood days, and enjoy the view over the fields.

This is the cleared conifer bed [ a blog on revamp 2 will follow when I have more to show]
Then something caught my eye as my boots scuffed the fallen leaves.

Winter aconites and they have self seeded into the swing path.

On the way into the house for a well earned cuppa I noticed Shelia Anne Germany well up and loooking very healthy compared to last year. Another Iris to gladden the dark days, in the rockery.

Lots of bulbs are showing through in the rockery including this British native.

It is a bee orchid. I discovered it growing in another part of the garden 10 years ago. I thought I had lost it but it turned up growing through a plant I had taken to work. I lifted it and it is looking good so far.

Cyclamen coum struggling to get the flowers upright!

A sure sign that spring is coming, the fish have started to come up to the surface when ever someone walks close to it. They are also taking food quite quickly.

This all white one looks as if it is a ‘she’ as her belly is very full. There are at least 5 others with this heavy shape.

I actually found I could smell this Sarcococca. First time ever.

This is a clematis showing new growth. I was lifted from the conifer bed at the beginning of the revamp. It is Ladybird Johnson, a lovely late pink flowered one.

Lets hope the signs keep on being positive.

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These warm days have brought things on heaps I think SBG.
I was clearing out the border which got flooded this year, full of mushy rootballs!! But did manage to find 3 (out of 20 or so) Iris Katherin Hodgkins bulbs sitting on the surface sprouting - at least not all was lost.
Your fish must give you plenty of pleasure - it's so relaxing to sit and watch fish!
I hope you get an id for your Sarcococcoa.

6 Jan, 2013


Bulbahollic has suggested ruscifolia. it sort of fits well and it has less scent than the normally grown ones. I thought it was my lack of smell.

I love the fish, there are about 17/18. Though pre 2010 I had 50+ in the pond but we lost lots in the long freeze.

I have Kathleen Hodgkin too but no sign yet. I love their unusual colour ways. Shelia Anne is from the same parents apparently.

6 Jan, 2013


SBG what a lovely blog felt as if I had walked beside you in your garden .

Thank you for sharing.

6 Jan, 2013


Isn't it exciting? I must go out and have a careful look - I know lots of little bulbs are pushing up down in the wild area where there are lots of snowdrops and crocuses. Your fish look good.

6 Jan, 2013


Aconites and bee orchid - wow, I feel better already!

6 Jan, 2013


I love those first little signs of things to come. Trouble is here - we're still waiting for winter! If we get another summer like the last one ...........!!!!!!!! :o(

7 Jan, 2013


Oooh - no thanks! :-O

It really is wonderful looking at the early signs of spring. My new early Narcissi are on their way - and I planted lots of a (new to me) dwarf Iris a bit like your Katharine Hodgkin - called 'Lady Beatrix Stanley'...however,I simply can't remember where I planted them! Ooops!

When your new ones flower, we'll have to compare them.

7 Jan, 2013


agreed, those first small green shoots are equally as exciting & encouraging as the full plant. Nothing peeking through outside here in the Fens just yet but the miniature iris in pots are an inch above the soil in the conservatory, magic as always.
Bee orchids & gravid hen fish, what a busy & healthy garden SBG, worth all that hard work. Please pop us a photo or three of your orchid when it flowers. Cheers.

7 Jan, 2013


This looks so uplifting Seabg, I love to see any new signs of life in the garden with their promise of things to come.
Hope you enjoyed your swing, took me back a bit and put a smile on my

7 Jan, 2013


lovely tosee all the new growth starting to show with promises of more delights to come.;0)

7 Jan, 2013


It's hard for me to realise it's only January with all the bulbs and plants shooting up in your garden. It's so encouraging, as it won't be long before the gardens are full again with lots of colour.

7 Jan, 2013


Oh I so agree, it is exciting finding the new tips of bulbs and new buds forming on the shrubs as well, I have already cut some of my perennials down as the new growth is sprouting so well, normally I would leave them until much later but its a case of following my own instincts and the signs of what is actually happening in the garden this past couple of years...

7 Jan, 2013


Doesn't it gladden your heart to see these signs of spring? I know it's a bit early, and colder weather has been forecast for later this week, but these wonderful reminders of warmer days to come help to keep us going, don't you think?

7 Jan, 2013


thankyou for all the lovely comments. They are all encouraging and uplifting sights. There are lots of other signs too.
Scotkat it wouldnt take us long to walk around the garden, but if you are ever up this way let me know and you are invited:o)
I also dread a really cold snap but I do avoid planting very tender things as i havent the inclination to pussy foot around them.

I will bore the pants of everyone if the bee orchid flowers this year, trust me :o))

I also have Beatrix Stanley she is a gorgeous blue if I remember correctly. Her nose is poking up too.

I am particularly pleased about the clematis as lifting broke a lot of roots and it was still in good growth end of september/october when it was lifted. OH did it non too gently I might add.

7 Jan, 2013


It's great to see the first shoots from the bulbs coming through, isn't it?

Last Thursday I saw my first Snowdrops of the year in two different gardens, one when I was on my way to town & one when I returned home by a slightly different route. Only the 3rd day of January & they are already out!

On my balcony I have lots of Daffs & they have been showing leaves since the beginning of December! I can never remember seeing them so early! Most were newly planted in October. Some I bought but others I saved from last year. There are a couple of bigger pots where they have been growing for a number of years without ever having been molested by me. These are also showing leaves!

I have a deep pink Hyacinth that started to flower at the beginning of December & is only now fading away! This has never happened to me before in all my years of gardening! Mind you it has flowered at soil level but even so ...

7 Jan, 2013


It's great to see early signs of spring. I'm going to get some winter aconites this year. The lady in the little nursery near her, had told me they'll be coming in soon. I left it too late to sew the corms.

8 Jan, 2013


Those Aconites were a real find. Natures gift to you:)

16 Jan, 2013


Cant see them, they are under 12cm of snow :o(

16 Jan, 2013

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